What is the New Commerce Experience (NCE)?

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) is a collaboration program that provides a billing and support communication model for Microsoft partners and their customers. It continues to evolve, adapting to the changing needs of the business. In developing this approach, Microsoft has focused on making the licensing process as simple and cost-effective for the customer as possible, while tailoring it to the customer’s individual business needs. To implement this approach, Microsoft developed a new platform, New Commerce Experience (NCE), in the fall of 2021, creating ‘per seat’ model such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and Power Platform. The NCE will enter into force on 1 March 2022.

What changes does the NCE platform bring?

  • Price increase for licenses with a monthly subscription, giving flexibility to the customer to cancel the license or change the number of users within a certain period of time.
  • Ability to easily add new IT products or add-ons available separately to suit the specifics and needs of the customer’s business.
  • The possibility of long-term liabilities, which will allow to reduce the investment in the investment in the long run.
  • Switching to an NCE client will reduce the complexity of applying for a license and will allow forecast and plan expenses of business more accurately, which will ensure greater efficiency in the long run.

Subscription and payment options

The customer will have access to 2 different commitment plans: monthly (paying a license fee each month) and annual (paying a license for the entire year combined).

If you choose to subscribe to a license within a month, the customer will have to reckon with a 20% increase in the price of the license, but in return you will have the flexibility to add or reduce licenses. There are no changes to the license subscription during the year, and for most licenses, the current pricing will be maintained, guaranteeing that the license prices do not change during the year (paying for a year).

Entry into force of price changes

The price changes will take effect on March 1, 2022, but each customer and each group of licenses will have an individual license renewal date (365 days from the first purchase of licenses). You can find out these individual update dates by contacting your ELVA Customer Relationship Manager.

What happens if a customer wants to unsubscribe from a particular license?

NCE provides the opportunity to cancel the customer’s licenses within 7 days (from the moment of ordering). If the refusal is not received, the customer must pay for the remaining part of the period.

What do I need to do as a customer right now?

No specific action is required on your part at this time. When the license upgrade date arrives, you will be able to choose the monthly commitment (monthly fee) or annual commitment (annual fee) approach.

Who do I contact in case of confusion?

You will be able to answer any unclear questions from your Customer Relationship Manager, from whom you received information about these changes, or you can contact our experts by phone: +371 67065115 or by sending questions to e-mail: 365@elva.lv

An explanatory table of the main changes

  Monthly subscription Annual subscription
Payments Per month Per year
Opt-out options  Within 7 days of placing your order Within 7 days of placing your order. If the refusal is not received – the customer will have to pay for the remaining part of the period specified in the contract
Prices   ~ 20% increase compared to the annual fee No price increase for annual subscriptions, except for individual units
Change in the number of licenses Proportional fee for switching users within a month The number of licenses can be increased by paying until the end of the subscription period, but cannot be reduced
Typical applications Seasonal or contract staff   Full – time employees


The main benefits

Flexibility when adding and changing licenses Long – term savings on license fees


Prices that will be available starting March 1, 2022: