Candidate Selection

An easy-to-use and transparent candidate selection process that includes the tools for assessment and interview planning.

Human Resources Management

Administrating organisation structures and preparing and storing various record-keeping documents.

Employee Self-service Portal

A unified platform for all employees, including the capability of reviewing and updating their own personal information.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources functionality

The application ensures unified and flawless management of the most critical personnel portal functions

Human Resources Management

A comprehensive employee monitoring report allows the making of faster and smarter decisions in connection with the company personnel from hiring to leaving/dismissal.

Remuneration Management

Improve employee motivation, using efficient and controlled salary and bonus payment plans.

Managing Benefits

Retain your competitiveness, offering a broad set of benefits, starting from standardised benefits, through to benefits defined by the company.

Employee Skill Development

Maintain high-quality and positive cooperation, allowing the employee to document achievements and consult their manager who can then provide assessments and recommendations.

Management of Vacations and Absence

Create, plan and manage the absence and vacation policy for your company.

Integration with LinkedIn

Take advantage of the LinkedIn portal's connectivity, scale, and power to quickly find and attract the right people.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources benefits for your business

Many Dynamics 365 Human Resources advantages for rapid business growth

Ordered and simplified hiring and other human resources management processes.

Increased productivity, reducing the hiring time and defining the main priorities.

Increase employee motivation, efficiently administer the assignment of any additional benefits and rewards.

Improve the workplace micro-climate, enhancing the relationships between management and employees.

Reduced time required for human resources management, through automation of repeated processes.

Make well-reasoned and sustainable decisions on employees and processes with the 360 degree overview.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources prices

Choose and combine the user types required for the organisation. Pay only for what you use!

Per Month

Per Year

Human Resources*

€121.44Monthly commitment per user

€101.20Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

Users with all-encompassing rights

Employee management
Absence management
Human resources management
Training management
Remuneration management


€50.64Monthly commitment per user

€42.20Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

User with limited rights

The most frequently used system licences, when users process a large number of similar transactions in a specialised role, for example, management of direct subordinates, management of colleague absences or management of their specific team

Team member

€8.04Monthly commitment per user

€6.70Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

User with focused rights

This type of license is used by users that manage data connected with themselves. For example: updating personal information, registering work hours or adding an absence. The license provides only data reading rights

All prices shown without VAT.
All prices are merely informative.
* At least five licenses are required to use the solution.

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