Various Reports Just One Click Away

In-depth data analysis capacities for management, manufacturing, trade, warehousing, marketing, and specific sectors' needs.

Interactive and Clear Visualisations

Impressive “live” graphics that allow you to see the total business indicators, analyse data in different cross-sections, and immerse yourself in the details.

Up-to-date Business Information in Real-time

Efficient business operations and decision making on the basis of business performance indicators obtained in real-time.

Compiling Data from 100+ Different Sources

Easy and quick data acquisition from your preferred sites (Microsoft Dynamics, Excel, Google Analytics/ Ads, Facebook, IoT, etc.) in a unified solution.

Who is Power BI suited for?

Business Owners and Managers

Analysis of all the available business indicators to enable successful decision making.

For Heads of Departments and Specialists

For the analysis of sales, marketing, manufacturing, personnel and other data.

For Business Analysts

A Gartner-recognized TOP analytics tool for data analysis professionals.

What indicators can you compile using Power BI?

Financial Indicators

Analysis of indicators for expenses, income, income/profit, planned/actual, cash flows, etc.

Sales Indicators

Detailed analysis of the sales funnel, shop assistant work efficiency, customer activity and sold products.

Marketing Indicators

Analysis of the returns from marketing campaigns, ROI, LTV, CAC, home pages, e-mail outboxes, social networks, and other available data.

Personnel Indicators

Analysis of candidate suitability, personnel load, turnover, KPI, remuneration and other costs.

Manufacturing Indicators

Analysis of data on manufacturing efficiency, load, prime costs, residue of semi-finished products, etc.

Procurement Indicators

Detailed analysis of data on suppliers, procurement efficiency, turnover of purchased goods, and other vital information.

Warehouse Indicators

Analysis of data on the product turnover speed, prime material reserves, efficiency of using warehouses, on-time delivery, and other essential statistics.

Other Indicators

Any data that you require, in different cross-sections and from various sources.

What tasks are solved by the Power BI data analysis?

  • Compiles Data

    Power BI visualises both the total business indicators and values in different cross-sections that you require to immerse yourself in the details.

  • Analyses Department Data from Different Sources

    Power BI analyses finance, sales, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, and other data from different sources regardless of the data format and location.

  • Consolidates Information from Branches and Other Companies

    Power BI consolidates, processes and visualises information on the company branches and associated companies.

  • Warns About Critically Important Business Indicators

    Power BI notifies you about changes in indicators that are important to you, or any deviations from the norm.

Most popular data sources

Files, ERP applications, databases, social networks, etc. - for quick and straightforward Power Bi analysis

Try out Power BI Desktop in action

Possibilities and advantages of the Power BI dashboards

Select visualisations that are appropriate for the data from a broad (100+) catalogue of graphs and diagrams.

Print out reports or export data to files in other formats.

Use standard panels/reports or adapt them to your needs.

Receive notifications about results or deviations from previously defined norms.

Publish the most important panels/reports, and share them with your colleagues or partners.

Access your data from any mobile device.

Customer feedback and success stories

At the time we implemented Power BI, our business was facing additional challenges - we needed to become more efficient. Power BI is one of the tools that has helped us achieve the business goals we set for ourselves.

Valts Brazovskis

Head of development at the MEISTARS shop

How much does Microsoft Power BI PRO cost?

Determine your costs by selecting the plan (license) that is appropriate for you!

Per Month

Per Year

Most popular

Power BI Pro

€10.80Per month for every user

€8.40Per month for every user, paying for year


€20.28Per month for every user

€16.90Per month for every user, paying for year

Generating reports from 100+ data sources


Ability to share reports online


Automatic updating of current data

8x a day

48x a day

Data storage size

10 GB per user

100 TB

Data export to Excel


Data and report sharing and collaboration


Reports and visualizations using Power BI Desktop


Control and audit of data access rights


Embed APIs and controls


AI visuals


Receive reports and alerts via email


Mobile app access


Data security and encryption


Model size limit

1 GB

100 GB

Paginated (RDL) reports



Advanced AI - text analytics, image detection, automated machine learning etc.



Ability to analyze data stored in Azure Data Lake Storage



All prices are shown without VAT.
The functionality of the plans is given for informative purposes. It may be changed or supplemented.
Learn more about the Power BI plan content here.

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The Power platform is a set of unique ‘smart’ solutions that helps analyse company data, create apps and automate processes.

  • It is particularly suited for integration with Microsoft 365 (Office), Dynamics 365, Azure

  • Connectivity with any third-party solution

  • It does not require special coding skills, according to the new “no-code” strategy

Power Automate – an efficient workflow automation tool that reduces routine manual work, allowing integration with hundreds of popular services and apps.

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Are your company data safe?

Data centre surveillance 24/7.

Data encryption and monitoring.

Multi-factor authentication.

Separating user roles and the different levels of access rights for data.

Protection against data loss, leakage, viruses, spam, malware, etc.

Complies with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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