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The largest food manufacturer in Latvia. Engaged in the production of wheat flour, semolina, flour mixtures, pasta, cereal flakes and animal feed.

Franchise grocery chain that unites the strongest local retailers in Latvia.

The company offers various types of raw materials to manufactures, including salt, chemical production and food raw materials.

A global leader in print-on-demand and drop shipping services for scaling brands and enterprise-level businesses.

The world's largest car rental company, operating in 150 countries, including Latvia.

Trader of nutritional supplement development and innovative products, offering the latest, most effective products for sports, health and beauty.

International group specializing in premium alcohol, selling products and representing the world’s leading premium brands in the Baltics.

One of the leading industrial holdings in Latvia, operating in various industries in both local and foreign markets.

The only full-cycle production company in Latvia for poultry meat production and chicken meat products.

One of the biggest nuts, seeds and dried fruits importer and exporter in the Baltic region.

Rail transport infrastructure project with a goal to integrate the Baltic States in the European rail network.