Comprehensive Customer Relationships Management

Attract new customers, improve the satisfaction of existing customers and improve service quality.

Automating Routine Work Processes

Structure and automate processes to improve sales efficiency.

Improved Sales Productivity

Increase productivity, allowing the salesperson to work from any location, at any time.

Increase the Number of Successful Deals

Improve sales indicators and delegate responsibility with a tool that shows results.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a CRM system that helps companies organise their sales processes and manage relationships with potential and existing customers. The software allows organising, automating and synchronising sales, marketing, customer service and several other processes.

Dynamics 365 Sales Functionality

The application ensures unified and flawless management of the most crucial company functions

Customer Management

Store and manage information about potential and existing customers, cooperation partners, competitors and contacts in a single database.

Sales with Kanban

Quickly and efficiently manage several sales actions concurrently using the Kanban view, simultaneously monitoring the salesperson's activities and the process status.

Managing the Interested Parties

Confirm or decline an interested party as a potential customer and sales opportunity. When the potential customer is qualified, define it as an opportunity or a contact.

Opportunity Management

Create and edit sales opportunities, predicting the probability of a deal, conclusion time and the potential income.

Management of Offers and Orders

Prepare and control the implementation of the entire process, from the offer through to the order, from the draft quotation to the final invoice.

Creating Sales Forecasts

Predict project income and trace results in relation to goals so as to precisely plan company growth and development.

Benefits for your Business

Obtain the Dynamics 365 Sales long-term benefits

  • Planned Business Processes

    Follow specific business processes, and learn what decisions must be made to enable more deals to occur faster. Adapt all of these processes to the needs of your company.

  • More Productive Salesperson Behaviour

    Become productive faster, using well-known tools. Dynamics 365 Sales is tightly integrated with Microsoft 365 apps and the business analytics solution Power BI.

  • Practical Recommendations

    Receive practical insight and recommendations based on the way that you work. For example, if there is an opportunity to sign a deal next week the Relationship assistant will send you a reminder to contact the customer in time.

  • All Activities in a Single Location

    All planned activities (meetings, phone calls) connected with a customer or potential deals are combined in a single panel.

  • Managing Salesperson Work in Real Time

    Improve the team performance by performing historic and forecast sales data analysis. Monitor real-time results and provide assessment, feedback and recommendations.

Advantages of the Dynamics 365 Sales System

Dynamics 365 Sales brings advantages for rapid business growth

Outstanding Interface

A user-friendly system that is easy to understand and master.

Forecasts of Opportunities and Deals

The system provides a data-based assessment of sales opportunities, forecasting deals, and analysing the cause of deal losses.

Automated Processes

The software allows automation and standardisation of the company’s work with customers in sales, marketing and customer service.

Work From Any Location

The system may be used from any location globally and from any device, improving the company’s mobility and sales productivity.

Different Licensing Possibilities

Flexible monthly licensing options for the software and the services.

Reduced Costs

Reduced infrastructure maintenance costs, using Microsoft virtual servers or cloud services.

ELVA Services

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales prices

Select and combine the plans you need. Pay only for what you use!

Per Month

Per Year

Sales Professional

€65.76Monthly commitment per user

€54.80Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

User with all-encompassing rights

Activity management
Corporate management
Contact management
Stakeholder management
Marketing campaign management
Product and service management

Sales Enterprise

€96.12Monthly commitment per user

€80.10Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

Sales Professional functionality
Management of competitors
Creating product hierarchies
Defining sales goals
Sales territory management
Knowledge base management
Creation of information panels

Team member

€8.04Monthly commitment per user

€6.70Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

User with focused rights

The user only has access to read and view data with focused information editing and addition options: adding contacts, recording activities and establishing contact connections

All prices shown without VAT.
All prices are merely informative.

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