Increase productivity

Copilot takes into account the information you work with to create content for emails, reports, and documents, saving you time.

Be more productive

Copilot analyzes available data to create reports, summaries of results, and forecasts, enabling preparation for sales meetings.

Create content that sells

Copilot takes into account market conditions, trends, company's previous experience to create targeted advertisements.

Gain information instantly

Copilot provides quick answers to your inquiries based on real-time data and trustful information available on the websites.

What is Copilot for?

For finding information, creating content, and formatting

Microsoft Copilot, Copilot Pro, and Microsoft 365 Copilot are designed to help users find information, create content, and enhance its formatting. These tools leverage artificial intelligence to understand user needs and provide relevant recommendations. Read more

For financial management, order processing, product descriptions, forecasts, and analytics

Dynamics 365 Business Central Copilot streamlines financial management, creates product descriptions, enhances order processing, helps forecast cash flow and inventory levels, and quickly finds necessary information. Read more

For demand planning, forecasting, inventory and sales

Dynamics 365 Copilot is designed to help businesses optimize demand planning and sales processes. It provides features such as demand and sales forecasting, inventory management, and customer relationship management. Read more

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How does Microsoft Copilot expedite the journey from idea to goal?

Microsoft Copilot’s idea and role in business are:

  • Highlighting the importance of digital transformation
  • Fostering creativity and productivity
  • Supporting company employees
  • Upholding data security measures
  • Reducing manual work and saving time
  • Facilitating work within Dynamics 365 solutions

Dynamics 365 Copilot improves manufacturing by:

  • Enhancing efficiency
  • Ensuring higher quality
  • Making tasks more flexible
  • Promoting competitive advantages
  • Fostering sustainability and growth
  • Reporting potential supply chain disruptions

Microsoft Sales Copilot:

  • Enhances quality in customer service
  • Improves communication with clients
  • Builds understanding of sales KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Provides real-time information
  • Creates summaries and overviews
  • Prepares email drafts

Copilot also enhances data analytics

Using Copilot, business data analytics solutions like Power BI can generate data reports in a matter of seconds.

Find out about Power BI

Microsoft Copilot pricing

Microsoft Copilot (free)


Base license: not required

Information retrieval and creation of original content and images; note that data protection is not included, unlike with other licenses

Copilot for Microsoft 365

€337.20per user per year

Base license: Microsoft 365 Business Basic or Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Microsoft 365 Business Premium (E3, E5)

Copilot Studio availability, benefits in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Teams platforms, available only with annual commitments

Microsoft Copilot for Sales

€561.60per user per year

Base license: Dynamics 365 Sales or Salesforce Sales Cloud and Microsoft 365 Business Basic or Microsoft 365 Standard or Microsoft 365 Premium

Creating email and meeting summaries, data visualization from available information in Outlook and Teams; transitioning to Copilot Sales or Copilot Service is possible, including Microsoft 365 Copilot functionality, available only with annual commitments

Microsoft Copilot Studio

€2246.40per user per year

Base license: not required, as licenses are based on usage volume rather than users

Personal Copilot capability based on internal or publicly available organizational information, high integration level with other Microsoft solutions and applications

Microsoft Copilot for Service

€561.60per user per year

Base license: Microsoft 365 Business or Microsoft 365 Standard or Microsoft 365 Business Premium (E3, E5)

Extensive integration benefits (Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, company website, documents, and various data resources); includes Microsoft 365 Copilot functionality, available only with annual commitments