Growing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Adaptive product selection and recommendations that exceed customer expectations.

Retail Channel Management

Combining digital, shop and office operations under a unified platform.

Modern Information Processing and Analysis

All the information required for quickly making data-based decisions.

Dynamics 365 Commerce functionality

The application ensures unified and flawless management of retail functions

The Head Office

Ensure office capacities that allow configuring products, employees, business processes and other functions necessary for your business.

Shop Management

Define payment types, delivery methods, product groups, income and expense accounts, cash desks and employees for each shop. Describe the products available in each shop, along with their discounts.

Point of Sale

Provide a POS solution for your shop assistants to manage sales end to end, and to process customer orders, perform consumer service operations and manage the warehouse using mobile devices as well as computers.

E-commerce Platform

Use the online shop solution to determine products, prices, languages, payment methods, delivery modalities, performance centres and other aspects of the online trade channel.

Call Centre

Provide a retail channel for the call centre employees to offer an accessible customer service application to the user.

Task Management

Create task lists, manage assignment criteria, track the task status and integrate actions with the main office and point-of-sale applications.

Dynamics 365 Commerce Benefits

Dynamics 365 Commerce provides considerable advantages for rapid business growth

Freedom of Choice and Comfort

Allow your customers to choose the time and manner as to how they could receive products using any device. Allow customers to purchase products online, pick up the purchase in the shop or even have it delivered to their homes.

Top Class E-shop

Create an online shop with an easy-to-use tool, guaranteeing and ensuring all of the functions required by a retail company.

Excellent Service and Customer Loyalty

Provide excellent service and exceed the customer’s expectations, rapidly reacting to their needs and requests at all levels. Facilitate long-lasting customer relationships and loyalty.

Efficient Campaigns

Use multi-channel sales information and alongside data about costs in order to create optimal sales campaigns.

Rationalised Procurement

Use a single application for the entire procurement procedure. Manage contracts, attract suppliers, monitor on-schedule implementation of deliveries and cooperate with external sellers.

World-class Security

Make use of the advantages of a configurable and adaptable platform that complies with global conformity and security standards.

ELVA Services

Use the services of Dynamics 365 experts with more than 15 years of experience!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce prices

Select and combine the plans you need. Pay only for what you use!

Per Month

Per Year


€182.16Monthly commitment per user

€151.80Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

A User With All-encompassing Rights

E-commerce management
Back-office management
Product catalogue management
Shop management
Call centre management


€50.64Monthly commitment per user

€42.20Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

A User with Limited Rights

Users of the solution that process a large number of similar transactions in a specialised role. For example, accepting goods, collecting, warehouse stock-taking and shop sales management

Team Member

€8.04Monthly commitment per user

€6.70Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

User With Focused Rights

This license is available for users that perform tasks in focused areas, for example, picking up or issuing products, performing warehouse or shop stock-taking, as well as confirming work hours


€75.84Monthly commitment per user

€63.20Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

This license ensures licensing for a device used by more than one user

Cash Desk (POS)
Warehouse kiosk
Work time accounting kiosk
Warehouse kiosk for accepting and placing products, as well as collecting and packaging

All prices shown without VAT.
All prices are merely informative.

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