Increasing competitiveness in an age of global trade

Across the wholesale sector, new innovations are introduced every day: from the global online order processing solutions to efficient packaging and delivery of orders. With increasing competition and changing customer needs, wholesalers must ensure powerful order processing capabilities, removing wasteful manual operations and processes to ensure the highest level of service and quality offer for their customers.

Our successful cooperation with ELVA began more than 15 years ago. Over this time, we developed the ERP system and continue to improve across the entire IT field to retain our leading position. Read more

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Increasing manufacturing volumes and quality

The existence and growth of manufacturing companies is unthinkable without regular investments. In the modern global environment, competition between manufacturers is particularly significant and is made even more challenging by the constant development of technology. Therefore, understanding the significance of IT tools and investing in them may be decisive for the setting up of and optimising such functions as quality control, lot accounting and tracing, manufacturing planning, and management of supply chains.

We have selected ELVA as a trusted IT strategic partner and have entrusted them with the ERP system. Their company experts have accompanied us across each ERP development stage, helping us to both achieve and learn more. Learn more

Toms Auškāps

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Growth of product sales during a time of changing habits

Retail has always faced stiff competition but, in this time of changing conditions, the sector is faced with new challenges, such as the need for a safe environment and new digital solutions. In an age of changing habits, growth mainly occurs with the development of e-commerce and new trade channels. But, with increasing business volume, there are always ways to achieve significantly better results by implementing technological innovations and reducing labour costs, thereby increasing work productivity and profit.

Optimising service processes for improving efficiency

Regardless of the size of the company and the scale of its operations, service providers must know how to create a customer-oriented offer and then provide high-quality services on schedule. A precondition for satisfying these criteria, and a driver of growth for modern companies, is to be supported by the latest Information Technology tools that allow the supplier to adapt to changing circumstances quickly, efficiently optimising internal time, financial resources, and, most importantly, human resources.

We chose ELVA after a careful selection process that included many leading ERP system providers. The cooperation is efficient and oriented towards results; therefore, we recommend this company as a trusted and secure partner across the field of IT.

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Our work - your success

Our success is measured by the success of our customers. Here are some of the achievements companies that use 'smart solutions' working together with ELVA:

Company productivity growth by up to 70%, without increasing the number of employees

Data transparency and security meeting the full requirements of the law

An accelerated decision-making process, thanks to real-time reports on the company's operational indicators

Improved product quality and traceability

On average, 30% sales volume growth

Downtime reduced by up to 80%, increasing the quantity of the manufactured products

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