Microsoft Dynamics 365 Ecosystem

A world-class IT platform that combines the functionalities of ERP and CRM systems, as well as various business-oriented apps.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of various business products and solutions combined in a Microsoft cloud ecosystem. The apps are ideally suited for use in combination with one another. Using the Dynamics 365 ecosystem, the user spends less time switching between different apps and looking for information. By combining your office products, (i.e. Excel and Outlook) with your accounting and client management software, you will have access to all the necessary data in the Microsoft product suites used by your organisation.

AppSource lets you find and try out apps developed by Microsoft or its partners for accelerating business growth.

All apps can be used on mobile devices, thereby ensuring comprehensive access to your business data.

Intelligent latest-generation data analytics solutions that offer a deeper insight into business data and predict future development scenarios.

Business Central (NAV)

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a feature-rich world-class business management (ERP) software that is easy to implement and in great demand in Latvia. It has been developed and adapted to small and medium companies experiencing rapid growth.

  • Smarter business decisions with predictable results
  • Significant reduction of manual processes is required

  • It can be integrated with various other solutions

Financial, sales, warehouse management, and several other important business processes are integrated within a single system, enabling each company’s departments to share and precisely view the companies’ growth.

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Finance (AX)

Dynamics 365 Finance is the latest-generation Enterprise Management System that is particularly suited for large organizations. The software makes finance management – one of the most complex verticals of an organization – fast and easy.

  • Planning, managing and analysing financial processes
  • Real-time and forecast indicator reports
  • Reduced costs and mistakes connected with process automation

The system automates business processes, managing financial data and responding to accounting needs. Thanks to the built-in forecast analysis and intelligence, the solution lets you manage your business more efficiently and therefore increase your profits.

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Supply Chain Managment (AX)

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is a specialised supply chain and logistics management system (ERP) that is suited for companies in any field. It allows the creation of customer-oriented supply phases, whilst overseeing orders and transportation up to the final delivery.

  • A clear view of all the products in a single system panel
  • Total control of the supply processes
  • Ability to predict potential errors

The software supports minimising downtime and allows precise forecasting demand, whilst ensuring timely product delivery.

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Sales (CRM)

Dynamics 365 Sales is an intelligent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that offers best-in-class sales automation, completely controlling the entire sales development process.

  • Efficient work implementation control mechanisms
  • Optimised and simplified sales processes
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

The software provides the company with a 360-degree view of its business growth processes, maximising and increasing income opportunities and enabling more efficient team cooperation so as to strike more deals.

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Commerce (Retail)

Dynamics 365 Commerce is a modern retail and multichannel e-commerce tool that enables the creation of an Internet site that combines an Internet shop with a physical retail location.

  • Combined sales experience and outstanding customer service
  • Comprehensive information processing and analysis
  • Supports preventing problems before they appear

The software provides total retail processes management while monitoring customer behaviour, demands, and communication, therefore increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Human Resources (Talent)

Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a function-rich personnel management solution that ensures a transparent and efficient employer selection process, a flawless hiring process and as well as competence management for the existing employees.

  • Tools for assessing potential candidates for a position
  • Comprehensive information about each employees from hiring to termination
  • A combined self-service platform for all employees

Integration with such powerful solutions such as LinkedIn and Microsoft Power BI leads to the optimisation of all human resource management and therefore greater success for your business.

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