A Modern ERP System

Flexible, mobile and ready for integration with other solutions.

Planned and Automated Business Processes

Monitoring financial operations and forecasting future results.

Strategic Financial Decisions

Detailed reports and real time analysis for managing important financial data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is an ERP system that has been developed for future-oriented companies and allows for the centralising of financial data in a single, secure and easy-to-use platform. The software allows for the forecasting of results and making data-based decisions that facilitate rapid company growth.

Dynamics 365 Finance Functionality

The application ensures unified and flawless management of critical company functions

General Ledger and Financial reports

Use the general ledger to define and manage the financial records of the organisation, and classify them using accounts. Create financial reports that exceed the limitations of traditional reports.

Budget Planning

Create plans in order to define the planned income and costs during the budget cycle. Analyse and update them according to different scenarios, and automatically direct the plans together with worksheets, supporting documents and other appendixes for review and confirmation.

Cash Desk and Bank Account Management

Precisely manage all information connected with the company’s bank accounts. Use cash flow prediction tools to define the expected necessity for cash and monetary funds.

Cost Accounting

Compile fixed and variable costs from the ledger, statistics and other sources in order to analyse and assess the obtained data and make the best possible decisions regarding price updating, budgets and further cost control.

Cost Management

Create an integrated workflow that allows for the storing of information according to payment type. Import credit card transactions and track cash funds that the employees spend for company needs. Define cost policies and automate the payment of travel expenses.

Control of Fixed Assets

Define and manage fixed asset procurement information, reduce their value or determine the capitalisation threshold in order to control their depreciation. Use the general ledger together to manage fixed assets and assess their current value.

Benefits for Your Business

Attain the Dynamics 365 Finance long-term benefits

  • Increased Profits

    Accelerate profit growth with a centralised global financial management solution that provides stable financial information and integrated real-time data analysis.

  • Improved Productivity

    Ensure intelligent automation, with task selection according to priorities, and integration with Office 365 apps in order to improve efficiency as required for excellent business results.

  • Reduced Costs

    Reduce operational cost in company branches to the lowest possible using financial process automation, budget planning, control and triple confirmation.

  • Fast Adaptation to Financial Requirements

    A flexible, controllable, rule-based account plan, while managing different dimensions and a global tax system.

Advantages of the Dynamics 365 System

A number of Dynamics 365 Finance advantages for rapid business growth

Can be Used in any Platform

The solution can be used at any time and on any device, and is adapted to various platforms and apps.

Improvements During Use

The system has been created so that the user can always use the latest technologies, and updates occur during software use without affecting use.

Powerful Data Analysis

Power BI, an analytics tools that is integrated with the system, provides data reports and makes their analysis easier, more powerful and available for review at any time.

World-class Security

Technical support is available 24/7, as well as an integrated incident prevention solution. Microsoft Azure ensures the highest class cyber-security.

Cloud Service

Reduced software maintenance and data storage costs, thanks to the placement of the system in Microsoft virtual server farms or the cloud.

Excellent User Experience

User-friendly, similar to Office software – easy to learn, and straightforward to comprehend.

ELVA Services

Use the services of Dynamics 365 experts with more than 15 years of experience!


Companies that have furthered their success by using Dynamics 365 Finance (AX) software

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an excellent tool that has been created on the basis of the best experience from companies in different countries. It puts everything in order, provides an enormous selection of solutions and broad possibilities that you will never find in an in-house developed company solution. The global Microsoft experience offers the answers we need now, and growth possibilities for the future.

Ints Petrovics

Sales Director at Daiļrade Koks

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance prices

Select and combine the plans you need. Pay only for what you use!

Per Month

Per Year


€182.16Monthly commitment per user

€151.80Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

User with all-encompassing rights

Financial management
Accounting management
Budget management
Payment management
Revenue control
Tax calculation


€50.64Monthly commitment per user

€42.20Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

User with limited rights

The most frequently used system licenses, when users handle a large and uniform number of transactions in a specialized role, such as supplier management, product management or departmental budget management.

Team member

€8.04Monthly commitment per user

€6.70Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

User with focused rights

This type of license is used by users that manage data connected with themselves, for example, updating personal information, registering work hours or adding an absence. The license provides only comprehensive data read access to the solution.

All prices shown without VAT.
All prices are merely informative.
* The minimum number of Dynamics 365 Finance users is 20.

What investments will you need to make to implement Dynamics 365 Finance in your company?

What makes up the Dynamics Finance implementation price?

To efficiently use the system in everyday work, you will need to make investments in every implementation phase: from research to post-implementation support.

1. Research

Prior to implementing the solution ELVA specialists, along with the company’s experts, identify high-level functional requirements to determine how the solution will collaborate with the company’s requirements and define the approximate investment that will be needed to implement the system within the organisation.
Price of Diagnostics: Starting from
€ 4900 +VAT

2. Implementation

In this phase, the Dynamics 365 solution is implemented according to the needs of your company and the confirmed plan. The most suitable implementation method (Traditional or Iterative) is selected jointly by the partners. Implementation of the solution includes system configuration, data migration, user training, post-launch support, as well as the project management.

3. Subscription to the solution

Starting from € 3036 per month for 20 users
depending on the selected user types.

4. Post-implementation Support

The ELVA qualified specialists ensure support for their customers, consulting and training users, implementing additional adaptations and solving other issues, as well as adapting the solution to the latest legal requirements. Support for the users is provided both in-person and remotely, on the basis of time required for the consultations.

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