What types of support are available?

Small grant

  • Available only for micro and small enterprises
  • Funding up to 5,000 euros
  • Support at 100% intensity
  • Support directions are detailed in this catalogue
  • Project implementation timeframe is 1 month

Large grant

  • Available for all enterprises (SMEs, large enterprises), foreign branches, farms, cooperative societies, associations, etc.
  • Funding up to 100,000 euros
  • Support at 30-60% intensity
  • Project implementation timeframe is 3 months

What types of business processes can receive support for digitalization?


personnel management


resource management

data management

transport and logistics


operational management

strategic management

ICT products, technologies

IT security

quality control

What is the company's path to receiving support?

  1. Application to the Latvian IT Cluster
  2. Exploration of digital solutions catalog for small businesses
  3. Contract with EDIC*
  4. Development of roadmaps (30 days)
  5. Project submission to LIAA or ALTUM
  6. Project evaluation and contract (30 days)
  7. Price survey and procurement
  8. Project implementation
  9. Project execution
  10. Second digital maturity assessment
  11. Opinion from EDIC* (30 days)
  12. Decision on support allocation
  13. LIAA disburses support after successful project implementation

* In the case of ELVA business solutions, companies in Latvia receive support through the European Digital Innovation Center (EDIC) – Latvian IT Cluster.

Support intensity and other terms

  • Support 100% up to 5,000 euros (project to be completed within 1 month)*

  • Support 30 – 60% up to 100,000 euros (project to be completed within 3 months)

  • Only one type of support (grant) can be applied for at a time

  • Application for the next type of support is possible only after the first one is implemented

  • The technology supplier issues an invoice to the beneficiary

  • LIAA pays the invoice after receiving a positive opinion

  • VAT is covered by the beneficiary

*Support for micro and small enterprises.

Statistical regions of the Republic of Latvia (NUTS3)

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