Reduce the volume of paper transactions, automate processes, save time and ensure work productivity.

Order and Transparency

Enter company data in a centralised manner, thereby reducing errors and obtaining clear and easy-to-understand information.


Use the application from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) at any time, and in any place.


Optimise resources and increase the satisfaction of employees with the self-service functions.

Panorama 365 Functionality

The application ensures centralised management of the most critical functions

Absence Management

Easy and straightforward confirmation of absences, ensuring all of the updated information about colleague absences and replacements is available.

Work Time Accounting

Documenting employee work hours and completed tasks and accounting of day, night hours, and overtime.

Management of Personal Information

Rapid management of information ensures the accuracy of up-to-date data, including employee phone numbers, declared residences and bank accounts.

Confirming Applications (flow)

Simplify and automate the application process for vacations, whilst submitting and confirming other requests online, giving the ability to review colleague availability.

Management of Organisation Rules and Regulations

Management and confirmation of internal organisation rules and regulations.

Employee Surveys

More straightforward and more secure compilation of employee opinions, improving feedback across remote work conditions.

Management of Organisational Structure

Clear representation of the company hierarchy and employee position, including titles, descriptions, direct management and contact information.

Remuneration Review (Salary Sheets)

The distributed work salaries, information about withheld taxes and state social insurance compulsory payments that have been paid for each employee.

Warnings and Reminders

Timely information for employees, using notifications in the portal or an automatic email sent to their addresses.

Benefits for your Business

Obtain the Panorama 365 long-term benefits

  • A Complete Employee Accounting Cycle

    A comprehensive employee accounting cycle, starting with the definition of the company structure and the list of positions, the registration of employee selection, and ending with the dismissal/leaving process.

  • Schedule Management

    Enable the control of document and process schedules (end of term of validity for passports, end of trial period, etc.) using notifications.

  • Automated Documents

    Automated document creation for job contracts, orders and notifications.

  • All Employee Data in a Single Place

    All current and historic information about the employee, including job contracts, health checks and other important data in a single easy-to-use panel.

  • Connectivity with the Salary Calculation Application

    The application has been developed with the goal of ensuring synchronisation with the salary calculation system, preventing the repeated entry data.

Advantages of the Panorama 365 System

A number of Panorama 365 advantages for rapid business growth

Adaptable system

The application may be personalised, there are a number of confirmation schemes available, along with different designs and interfaces.

Connectivity with Other Solutions

The personnel portal can be integrated with any system; however, it may also operate independently of the ERP solution.

Multi-language Support

The information is available in languages chosen and understood by each employee.

Cloud Service

A secure solution that meets current requirements, and is located in the cloud or on a virtual server.

Friendly Interface

A user-friendly, intuitive and straightforward application that is easy to learn and does not require special training.

Possibility to Define Access Rights

Each user is assigned a role that determines the level and rights of their access, thereby ensuring they only have access to the volume of information suitable for them.

ELVA Services

Use the services of Dynamics 365 experts with more than 15 years of experience!


Companies that have furthered their success by using Panorama 365

We have successfully worked with ELVA for several years. The personnel portal offered by ELVA is easy to use and visually attractive, and it has helped improve document circulation and sped up the confirmation processes for employee absences. The platform visualises up-to-date and comprehensible information for each employee. We value the rapid responses provided to our questions by the consultants and the option of adapting the portal to the company needs.

Irina Namavīra

Chairman of the Board of GelvoraSergel

The company Latvijas Finieris employs more than 2000 employees; therefore it was logically necessary to implement a personnel self-service solution. We chose ELVA as a partner, and their specialists implemented a unified portal that reducesd the daily workload on the personnel department and facilitates the solving of the more straightforward human resource issues, thereby improving the satisfaction of all employees.

Ingus Drulle

Director of the Latvijas Finieris information technology service

Panorama 365 prices

Select and combine the plans you need. Pay only for what you use!


€2.99Per Month for Every User

Employee Information
Absence applications
Raise applications
Salary sheet
Employee catalogue
Confirmation workflows
Employee notification


€3.49Per Month for Every User

Basic functionality
Material values
Compulsory health check
Work safety


€3.99Per Month for Every User

Basic and Extended functionality
Work time accounting
Planning work shifts

All prices shown without VAT.
All prices are merely informative.
* Minimum fee for up to 30 employees: Basic - € 99/month; Extended - € 109/month
* Larger organization, friendlier monthly fee - from 101 employees -12%; from 250 employees -25%; of 500 employees -29%.

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