Automate process management

Ensure continuous monitoring of IT processes and the load on equipment, systems, and websites.

Stay informed about activities

You don't have to worry about process monitoring; it happens continuously in the background of daily operations.

Respond to changes promptly

Receive timely information about potential cyber threats or changes in resource capacity.

Make informed decisions

Plan IT department investments based on real-time and historical data, as well as experience.

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What is IT monitoring?

It's like an informative dashboard that allows you to monitor everything and spot problems in a timely manner

A data-driven approach that enables making rational long-term decisions

A reliable advantage to improve the efficiency, security, and profitability of IT infrastructure and business processes

How IT monitoring works and why it is necessary?


  • Data Collection and Analysis: Gathers data from various IT resources and allows for thorough analysis
  • Data Export: Enables exporting data to Excel or analytics solutions like Power BI for further analysis
  • Automated Notifications: Automatically alerts about the IT system’s performance and status
  • Problem Detection: Informs about potential issues before they impact operations.
  • Continuous Business Operations: Ensures ongoing and efficient business functionality.

Processes controlled by IT monitoring

IT infrastructure

Environmental monitoring systems (temperature, humidity, air quality)

Production management systems (equipment uptime, productivity, product quality for optimized processes)

Building management systems (temperature, lighting, ventilation for a comfortable environment and optimized energy consumption)

Transportation management systems (location, movement status for optimized routes and improved delivery times)

ERP or enterprise resource planning solution operations

Company website operations

Cybersecurity monitoring

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  • History of monitoring

  • Key steps in IT monitoring

  • Zabbix as a monitoring choice

  • Suitability of IT monitoring

  • Data collection and visualization

  • Notification

  • Main benefits of IT monitoring

  • The contribution of IT monitoring to the IT department and the company
  • Business process monitoring
  • Experience before and after IT monitoring
  • Notification of emerging issues
  • ELVA as an IT partner in providing monitoring
  • Zabbix as a free solution for monitoring

Which companies need IT monitoring?

When setting up the service, a client needs assessment is conducted. It is easy to install and use, even if you do not have your own IT team or if it is small.

For small and medium-sized organizations

For large enterprises

For organizations that require a customized solution

What are the main business benefits of IT monitoring?

Optimal IT performance

Helps identify and resolve issues

Enhanced security

Predictable IT costs

Helps prevent potential downtimes and incidents

Data-driven decision-making in IT-related matters

Provides management with the information needed to make decisions