IT Constructor without Limitations

Create the web services, virtual machines, databases, virtual networks, data storage, home pages, etc., that your company requires.

More than 500 Different Services

Choose, and use, any Azure service for the needs of your company, including artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and mixed reality capacities.

Smart Security and Access Management

Use the capacities of a built-in complex security system based on artificial intelligence and fully control employee access from different devices.

Microsoft Azure is a publicly available cloud platform that supports different operating systems, programming languages, platforms, solutions, databases and devices.

Azure services are available almost everywhere on the planet. Start working with the Azure platform in the geographic area that is most suited for your company!

Benefits for your business

  • The Most Advanced IT Infrastructure

    The latest and most advanced corporative IT environment that keeps pace with time.

  • Business Continuity Guarantee

    Protect yourself from downtime and associated losses with an availability guarantee above 99.5%.

  • Economy and Outstanding ROI

    Pay according to actual use and only for what you need.

  • IT Scalability That does not Interfere With Your Business

    Increase or decrease resource power at any time, according to your needs.

  • Conform to International, State and Sector Standards and Requirements

    Receive cloud services that conform to internationally recognised standards, such as ISO, PCI DSS, GDPR, VISA PIN Security etc.

What is the Azure platform?

Virtual Servers

Create virtual servers with the Windows (2016, 2019) or Linux (Red Hat, Suse) operating systems.

App Services

Create useful web and mobile apps in the cloud.

SQL Databases

Manage business data with SQL Azure, using the option of “Database as service”.


Protect your data with a secure and integrated backup solution using Azure Backup. Learn more

Hybrid Environment

You can use the innovative possibilities of Azure in local environments, creating special hybrid services.

Resources for Developers (DevOps)

Access the most advanced developer environment that allows working in several projects concurrently with any programming language, as well as using ready-made expansions and services.

Security and Protection

Improve the security of the corporate IT environment, using Security Center, multi-factor authentication, Active Directory and other Azure services that ensure both prevention and identification of threats in their early stages.

Your Own Network Infrastructure in the Cloud

Create your corporate network, allowing you to access the Azure environment only from specific locations or IP addresses. Configure a firewall with additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication. Create encrypted tunnels to your office for more accessible information exchange.

Start using the technologies of the future, now

The Most Extensive Range of AI Solutions
Azure Cognitive Services

Enhance your apps, home pages and bots with artificial intelligence algorithms that can see, hear, speak, understand and interpret.

The Broadest Internet of Things (IoT) Ecosystem
Azure IoT

Connect 1000+ IoT supported devices with Plug and Play integration.

Unprecedented Analysis Speed
Azure Synapse Analytics

Receive analytic information at an unprecedented speed, with the highest level of security, and without limitations.

Unique Mixed Reality Capacities
Azure Spatial Anchors, Azure Remote Rendering, Azure Digital Twins

Azure is the only platform that allows working with physical and digital realities at the same time.

A Platform for Apps and Web Solutions
Visual Studio App Center, Xamarin, Notification Hubs, Web Apps

Create the web solutions or apps for any mobile devices that your customers, employees or partners require.

Apply for a consultation! The ELVA specialists will help you choose from the range of Azure services that are most suited for you.

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Why do Latvian companies choose Azure?

Optimal costs for an invariably advanced and safe IT infrastructure

Simple integration with your existing IT environment and its needs

An easy-to-understand and intuitive interface, with automated processes

More than 90 security and conformity certificates according to global and sector requirements

World-class multi-layer adaptive protection

Exceptionally fast placement, service speed and scalability

Full integration with Microsoft 365 (Office) and Active Directory

Disaster recovery functionality that allows the rapid elimination of disaster consequences on several levels

Confidentiality and data protection services that allow for fully managing the company data safely, and monitoring the implementation of ISO 2700 and GDPR requirements

One of the most powerful cloud service platforms with the broadest data centre coverage in the world

A constantly growing platform development, with enormous annual investment

Apply for the Azure test environment and assess the benefits!


Choose the plan most suited for you!

Use scenarios and sample prices

Creating web portals and databases


Azure SQL up to 250GB

Placement of Dynamics Business Central/ NAV


Azure SQL database
Virtual machine

Data backup for a single device


Server up to 50 GB
In Azure data storage

Monitoring the hosted resources for a single device


The main parameters and load

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