Optimise Your Entire Supply Chain

Obtain a complete overview of the entire supply chain, including the stock of your partners.

Review the Information in a Single Location

Manage and change all kinds and types of information in a centralised dashboard.

Perform Smarter Manufacturing Operations

Optimise manufacturing planning, as well as management of processes and costs.

Develop Your Warehouse Management

Optimise incoming and outgoing supply processes using the integrated Microsoft Power BI solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is a specialised business management system for supply chains that is suited to the needs of organisations in various sectors. The system allows for the creation of customer-oriented and controlled supply processes from the moment of ordering to the final delivery.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management functionality

The application ensures unified and flawless management of the most critical company functions

Asset Management

Efficiently performs tasks connected with managing and servicing different kinds of manufacturing equipment and vehicles. Ensure and plan asset maintenance procedures to increase an asset’s serviceable life.

Cost Accounting and Management

Perform assessment and accounting of prime materials, partially manufactured, non-manufactured and fully manufactured products and capital goods. Within the framework of this process, define and manage stocks and production, and generate associated reports.

Warehouse Management

Obtain full transparency for all warehouse operations and stock to efficiently and in real-time manage prime material consumption and handling operations for the finished products.

Production Control

Combine discrete, lean, and process production in a single solution. Optimise manufacturing parameters for each product group and ensure support for different manufacturing concepts. Ensure on-time deliveries, performing manufacturing planning in real-time.

Stock Management

Control the remaining stock in the system, ensuring fast and precise product movement and stock turnover. Predict which products need to be purchased according to the ongoing demand.

Logistics and Delivery

Manage your company by optimising delivery routes for internal and external orders. Determine the fastest course, or the cheapest form of delivery.

Benefits for your business

Gain the long-term benefits offered by the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management software

  • Simplified Resource Management

    Improved planning with real-time resource monitoring, using a unified resource model and planning tool. More intelligent actions, using the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, machine learning and mixed reality in order to optimise human resources, processes and equipment.

  • Faster Product Delivery

    Optimise prime material and finished product flow, using a modern warehouse and logistics management tool. Improved delivery time, perform planning in real-time.

  • Improved Quality and Customer Satisfaction

    Improved product quality, identifying and solving existing and potential problems with real-time reports and predictive and forecasted data.

  • Improved Productivity

    Use the mobile app, which can be adapted to the needs of the employee or warehouse management in order to simplify daily tasks.

  • Optimal Packaging of Products and the Workforce

    Use the scanner solution to optimise product packaging. The more optimal the planning, the fewer workers you need. Analyse the efficiency of the workforce, assigning tasks and documenting worker actions.

Advantages of the Dynamics 365 system

A number of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management advantages for rapid business growth

Transparent Implementation

A comprehensible and easy-to-monitor implementation process that complies with the law and increases the existing investments to the maximum potential.

Reduced Costs and Improved Security

The placement of the system on a virtual server, or in the cloud, reduces infrastructure costs and guarantees the highest-level data security.

Automated Processes

Process automation ensures easy connectivity with third-party systems.

Artificial Intelligence

The in-depth information provided by artificial intelligence allows the company to reach defined business goals.

Unlimited Availability

The system is available at any time, and from any location in the world, thereby facilitating employee mobility and productivity.

Flexible Licensing

It is possible to use the system based on monthly licensing models, paying only for what you use.

ELVA Services

Use the services of Dynamics 365 experts with more than 15 years of experience!


Companies that have furthered their success using Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management software

Comparing work before and after implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX is like comparing improvisational theatre with classical theatre. In both cases, the topic or the goals and tasks of the company are clear, but only classical theatre or Microsoft Dynamics AX have a set script and texts according to which all the players' act. There only can be order when everyone acts according to a single script.

Kaspars Rade

Head of production planning of Balticovo from 2014 to 2018

The largest food manufacturer in Latvia. Engaged in the production of wheat flour, semolina, flour mixtures, pasta, cereal flakes and animal feed.

The only full-cycle production company in Latvia for poultry meat production and chicken meat products.

A part of Radius Group - an international leader in engineered pipeline solutions for gas, oil, water, wastewater, district heating, and telecoms sectors.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management prices

Select and combine the plans you need. Pay only for what you use!

Per Month

Per Year

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

€182.16Monthly commitment per user

€151.80Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

A User with All-encompassing Rights

Asset management
Cost accounting
Production management
Warehouse management
Procurement and procurement management
Quality control
Transport management


€50.64Monthly commitment per user

€42.20Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

A User with Limited Rights

Users of the solution that process a large number of similar transactions in a specialised role. For example, recording production activities, managing procurement requests or recording quality control activities

Team Member

€8.04Monthly commitment per user

€6.70Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

User with Focused Rights

This license is available for users that perform tasks in focused areas but at the same time enables the entry of new information, such as the creation of sales orders, the documentation of quality control events or recording of time for own production activities

All prices shown without VAT.
All prices are merely informative.
* Minimum number of Dynamics 365 Supply Chaing Management (SCM) users - 20.

What investments will you need to make to implement Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management in your company?

What makes up the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management implementation price?

To efficiently use the system in everyday work, you will need to make investments across every implementation phase: from research to post-implementation support. Do you wish to implement the Supply Chain Management standard?

1. 1. Research

Prior to implementing the solution, ELVA specialists, along with the company experts, identify high-level functional requirements in order to determine the way that the solution will collaborate with the company requirements, and to define the approximate investments that will be needed to implement the system in the organisation.
Price of diagnostics: starting from
€ 4900 + VAT

2. Implementation

In this phase, the Dynamics 365 solution is implemented according to the needs of your company and the confirmed plan. The most suitable implementation method (Traditional or Iterative) is selected jointly by the partners. Implementation of the solution includes system configuration, data migration, user training, post-launch support, and project management.

3. Subscription to the solution

From € 3036 per month for 20 users.
depending on the selected user types.

4. Post-implementation support

The ELVA specialists ensure qualified support for their customers, consulting and training users, implementing additional adaptations and solving other issues, and adapting the solution to the latest requirements of the law. Support for the users is provided both in-person and remotely, based on time required for the consultations.

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