Comprehensive Business Resource Management

An ERP system for the management of sales, finances, customer relationships, personnel, and other resources.

Automated Processes and Productivity

Reduced amount of manual work thanks to process automation.

Conformity With the GDPR Requirements

Personal data processing - classification and anonymisation - according to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations.

In Demand All Across the World

Dynamics 365 Business Central is used by more than 160,000 companies and 2.7 million end-users worldwide.

Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Navision) is an intuitive and scalable business management software (ERP) solution that allows the management of accounting, sales, procurement, reserves and other processes in a single location, thereby optimising the company’s resources and enabling the business to grow faster.

Dynamics 365 Business Central functionality

The application ensures unified and flawless management of the essential company functions

Financial Management

Control the financial accounting processes and analyse data according to cost centres, types and objects. Combine accounting, sales, procurement and customer information data in order to gain a comprehensive overview of your business.

Manufacturing and Planning

Use sales forecasts and view possible stock shortages to draft manufacturing plans and orders automatically. Calculate manufacturing capacities and resources to improve implementation schedules and satisfy customer orders.

Warehouse Management

Ensure total warehouse control with a comprehensive overview of stock to ensure efficient order implementation. Utilise scanner solutions for product packaging and management.

Management of Sales and Contacts

Facilitate productivity by setting clear sales priorities based on customer data (sales history, income, forecasts). Improve customer service by using a comprehensive overview of tasks, sales cycles, offer tracking and communication.

Management of Projects and Contacts

Plan and track project creation, determining resource capacities, expenses versus planned income, and orders in relation to demand. Control budgets, analyse project results and make decisions on the basis of real-time data.

Salary Calculation and Human Resources Management

Perform precise and rapid calculations of salaries, sickness payments, leave money, accumulated vacation days, advance payments, withholdings, taxes and non-taxable minimums. Easily edit employee cards and information on work relationships, as well as the register of assigned material values and objects. Learn more

Benefits for Your Business

Gain the long-term benefits offered by Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision) software

  • Planned Processes

    Structure such essential business processes as finances, accounting, manufacturing, trade, warehouse management, etc., allowing complete control of work processes and optimisation of the company materials and human resources.

  • Efficient Company Operation

    Gain a unified overview of the company’s performance by combining data in a single system, and ensuring process transparency. Raise your company to a new level, achieving more with fewer resources.

  • Conformity with Latvian legislation

    Use a system that has been localized according to the legislation of Latvia and more than 40 other countries, including specific functional requirements. The system conforms to the requirements of both the law and tax legislation.

  • Optimal decision making

    Quickly and easily share data with the responsible individuals in the company, improving information exchange and cooperation between departments. Obtain data that is always up-to-date and precise, allowing you to quickly identify critical areas and make perfectly balanced decisions.

  • Adapts to company needs and specifics

    Work more efficiently thanks to the integration with Microsoft 365 (Office 365), Power BI, and integrated Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Latvian localization

The solution conforms with Latvian legislation, including specific functional requirements. For localization versions earlier than Dynamics NAV 2018 see here

Base Localization

Use the Latvian base localization app to work faster and more precisely. All processes have been adapted to the requirements of Latvian legislation and business needs. Learn more

VAT Reports

Use the data entered in the Business Central system to create VAT declarations and appendixes according to the law. Reduce manual data entry to create the required documentation automatically. Learn more

Cash Desk Accounting

Use the data entered in the Business Central system to create cash desk income and expense orders, as well as a cash desk register printout for the period. Learn more

Intrastat Reports

Manage the data documented in the Business Central system to create Intrastat reports. Learn more

Advantages of the Dynamics 365 system

A number of Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) advantages for rapid business growth

Intuitive Interface

User-friendly and easy-to-understand software that reduces the time required for mastering the system, and facilitates the performance of daily tasks.

Total Integration Capacities

The software can be adapted to the company’s specific needs, and integrated with third-party solutions and services.

Flexible Licensing

Flexible monthly licensing models are available for this solution. Only pay for what you use.

Total Availability

The system can be used from any location and any device, improving the mobility and productivity of the company, and its employees.

Cloud Solution

A modern and secure cloud-based solution that ensures a high level of mobility and flexibility for its users.

Choice of Language

The software is available in Latvian and several other languages.

ELVA Services

Use the services of our Dynamics 365 experts with more than 15 years of experience!


Companies that have furthered their success through using Business Central software

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Business Central) opens up broad possibilities for our digital development in the future. It is modern and in keeping with the demands of our time. It is an excellent foundation to keep pace.

Valērijs Bariševs


We needed the capability to unify and integrate different accounting and registration systems. Dynamics 365 Business Central allowed us to achieve what we wanted by integrating all accounting and registration systems in a single solution. Managing our company has become much easier.

Olga Veismane

Senior accountant of the hotel Hilton Garden Inn Riga Old Town

The most significant benefit of the Dynamics Business Central system is digitalised processes. Now we can quickly review any reports, find all the decisions that have been made, and understand when there are issues or a lack of clarity.

Ainārs Kursītis

Chairman of the Board of Optimera

Together with ELVA, we have been successful in our daily business for more than ten years! The competence, fast reaction times and friendly attitude of the ELVA employees are the qualities that we value the most. To our business, this means a feeling of security.

Dace Pauliņa

Financial director of Cesvaines piens

Leading real estate company of the Baltic states. The offices are today in 17 cities in Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria.

Rail transport infrastructure project with a goal to integrate the Baltic States in the European rail network.

One of the leading extrajudicial debt recovery companies and debt purchasers or implementers of cession transactions in the Latvian market.

Distribution and trader of household appliances, electronics, movable communication equipment, tablet computers.

Global network of firms delivering world-class assurance, tax, and consulting services for business.

Trader of nutritional supplement development and innovative products, offering the latest, most effective products for sports, health and beauty.

A chain of various retail stores with almost 1000 outlets worldwide.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central prices

Select and combine the plans you need. Pay only for what you use.

Per Month

Per Year


€79.00Monthly commitment per user

€69.00Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

Latvian localization
Financial management
Customer relationships management
Procurement planning
Personnel management
Warehouse management
Project management


€111.00Monthly commitment per user

€94.30Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

Essentials functionality (With Latvian localization)
Management of service orders

Team member

€11.00Monthly commitment per user

€9.70Monthly price per user paid yearly upfront

Basic Business Central functionality (including Latvian localization). With viewing and limited editing capacity

All prices are shown without VAT.
All prices are merely informative.
* It is not possible to purchase both Essentials and Premium users for a single company

What investments will you need to make to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central in your company?

What makes up the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation price?

To efficiently use the system in everyday work, you will need to make investments in across the implementation phases: from research to post-implementation support.

1. Research

Before implementing the Dynamics solution, the ELVA specialists will study the existing business processes to optimally adapt the ERP system to the specifics of your company. As a result, you will receive a document with the diagnostic results and a calculation of the implementation investments required.
Price of analysis: starting from
2600 Euros + VAT

2. Implementation

During the implementation phase, the Dynamics 365 solution is adapted to the needs of your company according to the previously confirmed plan, and according to the selected method (Classic or Agile). As a result, you will receive a working ERP system, and the ELVA specialists will be present at the launch.

3. Subscription to the solution

Starting from € 69 per month for every user
depending on the chosen plans.

4. Post-implementation Support

The qualified ELVA specialists ensure support for their customers, consulting and training Dynamics users, implementing additional adaptations and solving technical problems, as well as adapting the solution to the latest requirements of the law.
The support price for Dynamics users is calculated according to a fixed hourly rate.

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