Power BI

A data analytics solution which compiles data from more than 100 different sources and represents the obtained information in interactive visualisations.

Power Automate

An efficient workflow automation tool that reduces routine manual work, allows the integration with hundreds of popular services and apps.

Power Apps

An intuitive and easy-to-use business application constructor that allows the creation of an app that can be adapted to the company's needs.

Power Virtual Agents

A chatbot creation tool that facilitates communication with customers or partners.

How can Power Platform help your business?

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI – compiled and visualised data that works for your company and transforms the numbers into business indicators

  • Create various reports for comprehensive data analysis regarding finance, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, warehouses, and compile information from more than 100 different sources (Dynamics, Excel, Google Analytics/ Ads, Facebook, IoT, etc.)
  • Investigate the obtained business indicators with interactive visualisations using different cross-sections
  • Make decisions based on up-to-date, real-time, business information

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Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate enables the automation of manual operations and business processes through an intuitive interface
  • Create your own automated actions. or use ready-made scenarios from an extensive catalogue
  • Automate the workflow between different applications and services, such as Microsoft 365 (Office 365), Dynamics 365, Power BI, WordPress, Facebook, Youtube, Trello, RSS, MailChimp, Gmail, Asana, Adobe Creative Cloud and others
Different use-case scenarios:
  • Automatic copying of e-mail attachments to OneDrive or store them directly in the SharePoint library
  • Receive e-mail messages about previously defined changes in SharePoint documents
  • Collecting all types of data and distributing them automatically to appropriate recipients
  • Request confirmation from a manager for a selected file
  • Blocking out the Office 365 calendar for one hour
  • Receive an e-mail about a successfully uploaded YouTube video

Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps – any type of business application without the coding
  • Create an app from scratch or use one of the templates
  • Adapt the app to your specific business needs
  • Use the app on any device, and safely share with your colleagues and partners
  • If necessary, add barcode scanning to the app, or use an artificial intelligence (AI) constructor
Use the built-in Microsoft Dataverse (Common Data Service) database that allows the secure storing and managing of the same data from different solutions and applications
Different use-case scenarios:
  • Implement product verification on shelves or inventory stock-taking with photos, using the AI object identification model that allows automatically determines and counts products using photographs

  • Provide an app to your shop assistants that will allow them to provide more information to the customer about the product by scanning the product barcode, or identify a valued customer in order to provide additional discounts

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Power Virtual Agents

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents – create chatbots for improved communication with customers and partners
  • Create chatbots even without knowing how to code or use AI algorithms
  • Enable your employees to work more efficiently, only using them for solving complex issues that the AI is unable to handle
  • Assess the operation of your chatbots and improve them as required
  • Improve customer satisfaction, enable them to solve problems faster or find answers to their questions using the chatbot 24 hours a day, across several supported languages

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Why do companies choose the Microsoft Power Platform?

"Low-code" and "No-code" strategy

Using the platform does not require programming skills.

Unlimited integration of solutions

Excellent integration with IT solutions from Microsoft and other developers.

Broad self-education possibilities

Publicly available instructions, webinars, and other courses.

Unrivalled leader for 13 years in a row

Recognised as the best analytics and BI platform. Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant.

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