Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) Salary Calculation and Human Resource Management Solution

Salary calculation and HR management is a specialised Microsoft Dynamics NAV system solution intended for accountants, HR specialists and CEOs to make their daily work more efficient and automatic. Please select the necessary components:

Arrange the salary and HR processes within the company by using a safe, approved and Microsoft-licensed solution that has become a stable leader in the Latvian market!


  • Data security
  • Paying only for the used features
  • Document samples
  • Automatic processes
  • Data exchange and integration
  • Reports
  • Analytical accounting
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Compliance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia

Companies already using the present solution


User benefits

  • Saves time and reduces errors owing to automation of processes
  • Excellent functionality in terms of exporting SRS reports to EDS and exporting salary payments to banks
  • Centralised and well-organised database containing information essential to accountants
  • Preparation of documents from samples (contracts, orders)
  • Single database containing detailed information on all company employees
  • Personnel selection process (inquiry forms, applicant responses, vacancies, personnel selection competitions, etc.) within a single system
  • Analysis of salary-related expenses from different areas
  • General report on salary calculation and HR management processes within the company
  • Effectively and productively manage your own and personnel time

Client feedback


The wide functionality ensures fast and convenient personnel data analysis and transparent human resource management, as well as solves all questions that are related to the work time accounting and pay calculations. In addition, in the long-term system maintenance costs are lower compared to other similar systems. This is a stable investment in the future.

– Māris Valdmanis, Finance Manager at Skonto Plan Ltd.


Taking into account the large number of employees and rather extensive salary calculations, we were searching for a solution that could satisfy our long-term needs in terms of summarising all data in a single system and ensuring effective human resource management. Nonetheless, it may help to save work time and create excellent possibilities for data analysis.

– Anda Maurīte, Senior Accountant at CATA Ltd.

Implementation of the salary solution in our company made essential arrangements that freed up accountants from the time-consuming, routine work, making the whole process more flexible and always ensuring prompt payment of salaries. Furthermore, it allowed for the possibility to access all employee data at any time and to get information from the necessary perspective.

– Egija Selga, Accounting Department Manager at Siera nams Ltd.