Panorama 365 implementation

We will prepare and implement the basic functionality of the Human Resources portal for your company that will allow you to work at a high level of excellence. During the implementation process, we will perform the following:

  • Create and configure the portal environment
  • Ascertain the business needs and requirements
  • Set up synchronization with the accounting system

Panorama 365 integration

We will connect the Human Resources portal with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution already in use in your company (or any other business resource management system) so that the employees and the company management can access all the essential business data without switching between systems.

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Panorama 365 launch and training

To ensure that the portal launch is successful, it is essential to correctly set up the system and train employees to make the best use of the solution.

System launch includes several crucial elements:

  • Setting up the personnel portal
  • User training
  • Testing within a single department
  • User support during testing
  • Post-implementation support
  • Transition to maintenance/BAU


Panorama365 Specifisku Biznesa Prasību Ieviesana

Implementing specific business requirements for Panorama 365

We will develop and implement the unique portal add-ons that are required for the specific needs of your company.

To expand the basic functionality, we have already implemented the requirements for companies in more than 30 different fields.


Panorama 365 updates

The ELVA experts perform regular and planned improvements and updates for the Panorama 365 portal, as well as developing new functionality at our customer’s request.

Updates allow companies to receive, without any additional investments, new functionality for even more efficient work, and improved employee satisfaction.

Updates for the solution are provided to customers free of charge.

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