The goal of diagnostics is to identify and determine as many high-level functional requirements as possible and to verify the compatibility of the Dynamics 365 system with the company’s requirements; therefore companies usually start by choosing the diagnostics service.

We will prepare offers regarding:

  • System implementation frameworks
  • Schedule and approximate investment
  • Analysis costs (if necessary)

By using this service, you will ascertain the compatibility of your business needs with the selected Dynamics 365 system solution, as well as identifying the major adjustments required.


The goal of the analysis is to perform a detailed study of the customer’s business processes and needs, as well as to describe the changes of the Dynamics 365 system and the company processes to determine the necessity to adapt the software to the organisation processes, perform testing, training (including providing training materials), the necessity of data migration and the technical requirements for successfully implementing the system.

Within the framework of the analysis, we will prepare offers regarding:

  • The schedule for system implementation
  • The required financial investment
  • The required licenses

This process will allow you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the preconditions for starting and successfully implementing the project and defining goals that must be completed to implement the project.

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The implementation of the Dynamics 365 system is a process which will allow your company to start using high-quality and comprehensive software.

The implementation consists of several essential elements:

  • Project management
  • Configuration
  • Data transfer
  • Developing adaptations
  • Developing documentation
  • Preparing infrastructure
  • User training
  • Post-launch support

Dynamics 365 is used by many different organisations, therefore we will help you to select the manner of implementation and methodology that is best suited for your specific company.


Microsoft ensures regular updating of their Dynamics 365 solutions, ensuring new functionality and additional opportunities for the companies that use them.

Frequently, historically performed Dynamics 365 adaptations as required by companies are included as standard options in the new versions, which is why most customers decide to install the most recent  version.

At the same time, updates are an opportunity for companies to review their processes and assess the possibilities of automating them using the newly introduced functionality of the system.

User support and consultations

One of the preconditions for using the comprehensive functionality of Dynamics 365 is user know-how, but frequently companies do not have internal specialists; therefore, if required, we will support your employees to use and adapt the system in the long term, providing the necessary support and consultations.

In order to provide fast and efficient support for system users, we use remote communication platforms, as well as an application management system that allows the customers to define priorities for different tasks, thereby receiving the quickest support for the priority issues.

Support is provided in Latvian, English and Russian.


The Dynamics 365 platform may be adapted to the needs of any company; therefore we will prepare and offer the solution that is most precisely suited for you.

Adaptations allow preparing the system for business processes and automating them, thereby reducing human resource investment and increasing customer satisfaction.

Project management

Project management is an essential part of any project, and the key to its success. Good management ensures interaction between the needs of the business and the implementation of the system.

One of the main tasks of a project manager is to track the implementation of the project management triangle – costs, deadlines and quality.

By organising communication between all parties involved in the project, we ensure immediate and constant notification of all parties regarding:

  • The project status and progress
  • Elimination of potential risks
  • Project framework


The Dynamics 365 solution can be connected with any third-party system required by your company for the employees to access all essential business data without switching systems.

Dynamics 365 software can be integrated with numerous different systems:

  • Production equipment and systems
  • Cash desks
  • Electronic weights
  • Vehicle registration number recognition devices
  • Internal company information systems
  • Internet shops, etc.

The most significant benefit from system integration is avoiding double data entry, reducing the human factor and errors. 



Employee know-how regarding system operation is an essential precondition for successfully implementing the system. Knowledgeable and trained employees will allow the organisation to use all of the advantages provided by the Dynamics 365 solution.

Training is available in various formats to suit the needs of your company:

  • Individual training
  • Group training
  • In-person training
  • Remote training

On request, we can provide previously prepared devices for employee training to minimise the company’s internal resources required for implementing and performing the training process.

Placement in Microsoft Azure

More and more companies choose to entrust the maintenance of their business-critical systems to experts who ensure their stable and secure operation and availability. We have the know-how and competence to provide this service as efficiently and economically as possible.

The main benefits of Azure:

  • Data security
  • Flexible prices
  • Optimal use of resources (capacity)

If you do not have your own IT infrastructure, and do not want to invest your funds in purchasing it, place your Dynamics 365 solution in Microsoft Azure. You will thereby obtain all of the required infrastructure, as well as the requisite maintenance and capacity.

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