Salary Calculation

Make use of the broad possibilities of performing fast and precise salary calculation and registration.

Human Resources Management

A flexible way to compile, store and process information about employees.

Personnel Portal

The application can be easily synchronised with the personnel portal Panorama 365.

The Salary calculation and personnel management solution provides the flexible and broadly expandable functionality required for organising and managing personnel in your company and ensuring fast and precise salary calculations. Learn more about functionality and benefits: Latvian Payroll, Latvian Payroll Advanced un Latvian Personnel.

Functions of the Salary and Human Resources Management Solution

The application ensures integrated and flawless salary calculation and human resources management.

Salary Components

Define an unlimited amount of salary components for each type of income according to the needs of the company, including various deductions, retention sums, limits and allowances.

Work Time Accounting

Take stock of employee working hours, creating work schedules and calculating, planning and registering in detail the hours worked by every employee during day or night shifts.

Preparing Reports

The system allows the creation of various reports and summaries according to the requirements of the law, as well as preparing and electronically submitting reports to various state institutions.

Absence Planning

Easy absence planning for efficient use of resources, with absence dates, number of days away, replacement management, causes of absence and comments and descriptions.

Personnel Orders

Register any changes in connection with the personnel, including hiring, dismissing, changing positions, changing shifts, changing salaries, etc.

Creating Reports

Automatically prepared reports for personnel managers and accountants regarding the end of employee trial periods, reaching retirement age, end of parental leave, etc.

Benefits for your Business

Receive the long-term benefits provided by a salary and human resources management solution.

  • Optimised Processes

    Save time and minimise the number of errors, thanks to the automation of routine work.

  • Time-saving

    Fast export of State Revenue Service reports to EDS (Electronic declaration system) and the export of salary payments to banks.

  • Ordered Database

    A unified and ordered database with detailed information about all company employees, as well as the information required by accountants, and by law.

  • Salary Analysis

    A general overview of the company salary calculation processes and salary cost analysis in different cross-sections.

  • Connectivity with the Human Resources Portal

    The application can be easily synchronised with the human resources portal in order to avoid entering the same data multiple times.

Advantages of the Salary and Human Resources Management Solution

A number of advantages provided by the salary and human resources management solution to enable rapid business growth.

Data security

Defined access rights depending on the user status, ensuring easy and safe storage of confidential data and the protection of sensitive personal data.


The application ensures fast and precise calculation of salaries, sick pay, accumulated vacation days, etc.

Compliance with Requirements of the Law

Compliance with the majority of Latvian laws and regulations in connection with accounting, personnel management and salary calculation.

Automated Processes

The application has been developed with the goal of optimising routine work processes, allowing you to work more efficiently and save time.

Intuitive Interface

A user-friendly and easy-to-learn solution that does not require special or lengthy training.

Data Exchange and Integration

The application can be connected to any system open to integration, ensuring easy and transparent data exchange.

ELVA Services

Use the services of our Dynamics 365 experts with more than 15 years of experience!


Companies that have furthered their success by using Salary and Human Resources management solution

Rail transport infrastructure project with a goal to integrate the Baltic States in the European rail network.

An international company with more than 25 years of experience in the Latvian real estate market.

Global network of firms delivering world-class assurance, tax, and consulting services for business.

Distribution and trader of household appliances, electronics, movable communication equipment, tablet computers.

The largest book publisher in Latvia that has established an extensive network of bookstores, as well as is engaged in book wholesale.

Salary and Human Resources Management Solution Prices

Select and combine the plans you need. Pay only for what you use.

Base module

€64For one module per month

Salary components and types of income
Positions and departments
Employee calendars
Salary and tax calculation
Advance payments and intermediate payments
Sending payments to the bank
Exporting tax reports to SRS EDS

Expanded module

€212For one module per month

Base module functionality
Taking stock of planned and actual working hours
Calculating overtime hours or compensation with rest time
Health insurance
Importing sick notes and salary tax sheets from SRS EDS
Personnel management
Registration of compulsory health checks and instruction
Automated reports

Essential user*

€69For one user per month

The user includes access to the full Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials functionality

All prices are shown without VAT
All prices are merely informative
* At least one Dynamics 365 Business Central user license is required in order to use the solution.

What investments will you need to make to implement the Salary and Human Resources solution?

What makes up the implementation price?

To efficiently use the system in everyday work, you will need to make investments in every implementation phase- from research to the post-implementation support.

1. Research

Prior to implementing the solution, ELVA specialists, along with the company’s experts, identify high-level functional requirements in order to determine the compatibility of the solution with the company requirements, and to define the approximate investment that will be needed to implement the system within the organisation.

Price of diagnostics: starting from € 780 + VAT.

2. Implementation

During the implementation phase, the Salary and personnel management solution is implemented according to the requirements of your company and according to a previously defined implementation plan. Implementation of the solution includes system configuration, data migration, user training, post-launch support, as well as the required project management.

Implementation price: starting from € 1100 + VAT.

3. Subscription to the solution

Starting from € 133 a month. Depending on the selected modules and number of users.

4. Post-implementation support

The qualified ELVA specialists ensure high qualitysupport for their customers, consulting and training users, implementing additional adaptations and solving other issues, as well as adapting the solution to the latest requirements of the law. Support for the users is provided both in-person and remotely, on the basis of the number of consultation hours required.