Base package functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV localization

The possibility of entering into accounts the non-deductible Value added tax (VAT) for vehicle and representation costs. VAT declaration with appendixes PVN1, PVN2, PVN3.

Maintaining a list of banks that allows faster filling out of customer and supplier bank account cards.

Maintaining a catalogue of carriers and using it in further shipment documentation.

Defining different VAT number series and assigning them to sales documents. Registration of receipts confirming transactions.

List of company employees with contact information that can be used to indicate the responsible officials and signatories in various reports.

Preparing cash desk income and expense orders and the cash desk log printouts according to the requirements of Latvian law.

Intrastat reports.

Invoice printouts, bills of lading-invoices, invoices, and prepayment invoices. There is also the possibility of adjusting printouts using Word.

Document printouts, including advance settlements. Reserve stock-taking and writing-off documents. Fixed assets deeds and stock-taking lists.

Exporting reports to the Electronic Declaration System of the State Revenue Service.

Extended package functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV localization

Automatic generation of set-offs and printing out set-off deeds.

Filling out automatic registration description in documents on the basis of defined settings, as well as the possibility of manually indicating the registration description in documents.

Electronic data exchange with the Internet banking services of Latvian banks and electronic settlement systems in FiDaViSta and SEPA formats

Calculation of resident income tax for the suppliers that are naturalized persons. Preparing declarations about payouts to naturalized persons.

Fixed asset movement history according to fixed asset location and the responsible officials.

Currency rate import from the European Central Bank home page, as well as the possibility to adjust the currency rates where required.

Saving documents as PDFs and sending by e-mail.

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