Find out the information

Use Copilot for inquiries as a reliable assistant to find the data.

Save time

Create impressive presentations, summaries, and drafts much faster.

Improve communication

Utilize the advantages in communication for conclusions.

Structure textual information

Convert text into tables, create summaries from long conversations.

Microsoft Copilot (Free) - for queries

Available for free:

A search tool that helps find answers, based on Bing Search 1, OpenAI GPT-4, and DALL-E3

Shares its data

Limited number of queries per conversation

When crafting a response, it relies on the information provided by the user (each query receives a unique answer)

Microsoft 365 Copilot - smart and reliable assistant

Reliable assistant in Microsoft 365 solutions (see details below)

Promotes productivity and collaboration within teams

Ensures data security

Finds the necessary information in available work resources

Creates summaries and conclusions on keypoints

Reduces manual work and allows focus on strategically important matters

Structures textual information in a visually comprehensible way

Assists in data analytics and calculations

Saves time in creating presentations

Microsoft recommends Microsoft 365 Copilot because it significantly boosts productivity

Learn more in Microsoft’s research here and continue reading below.

Copilot for easier work in Microsoft 365 solutions

  • Microsoft 365 Word

    Structures information into a clear table compiled from textual narrative.

  • Microsoft 365 Excel

    Assists in creating formulas and supports complex calculations, enhances analytics, and simplifies data visualization.

  • Microsoft 365 PowerPoint

    Creates presentation proposals based on instructions, examples, or existing presentations.

  • Microsoft 365 Outlook

    Generates summaries from spoken email conversations and offers email draft responses, as well as allows for adjusting the tone of email conversations.

  • Microsoft 365 OneNote

    Creates summaries from notes, generates ideas from available material.

  • Microsoft 365 Whiteboard

    Helps save time by organizing discussed ideas into easily viewable summaries.

  • Microsoft 365 Teams

    Creates conclusions on team tasks and summarizes spoken points with the man keywords.

  • Microsoft 365 Loop

    Helps the team collaborate more effectively, creates recommendations visible to all project stakeholders.

What are the costs of Copilot and what should be considered?

Find out

TOP 4 benefits of Microsoft 365 Copilot

  1. Outlook email summarization: Summarizing email content available in Outlook
  2. Email draft creation: Generating email drafts based on available correspondence
  3. PowerPoint presentation creation: Creating PowerPoint presentations based on specific requirements from a Word document or existing examples
  4. Enhanced Excel work (Pivot tables): Improved Excel functionality, including Pivot tables

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