Get information faster

Use AI tools to efficiently find existing data and documents.

Reduce manual work

Copilot can accomplish labor-intensive tasks faster so you can focus.

Be creative and quick

Handle creative and time-consuming tasks in e-commerce.

Predict and analyze adeptly

Use Copilot to analyze, forecast cash flows, and inventory levels.

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Advantages of Dynamics 365 Copilot in the Business Central

Copilot is included in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Communication takes place in English.

Data search in Business Central and the ability to obtain instructions for various operations using natural language

Accurate bank statement reconciliation

Creating product descriptions based on item descriptions and attributes (such as colors, sizes, materials, etc.) for an e-commerce platform like Shopify

Sales and inventory forecast based on past experience

Efficient management of accounts receivable with the ability to forecast whether unpaid invoices will be paid on time

Forecasting company cash flow for effective financial resource planning

The assistant in analysis mode in lists provides an interactive and flexible way to calculate, aggregate, and explore data

Linking received e-documents to corresponding purchase orders

Sales order suggestion assists in populating quotes, orders, and invoices

What advantages does Dynamics 365 Copilot currently offer in the Business Central solution?

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