Placement of IT Resources in the Microsoft Azure Data Centre

With the purpose of optimising IT costs and providing a modern, safe and constantly updated IT infrastructure for their business, more and more companies are choosing to place their resources in the Microsoft Azure platform.

ELVA specialists can create and place the IT resources you need in the Microsoft Azure data centres.

  • Virtual machines
  • Databases
  • Connections with local (on-premises) systems, etc.

This service will allow you to increase your productivity, protect company data and reduce IT costs, paying only for what you really need.

Placement of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics NAV in the Azure Environment

In order to ensure business process continuity, easy scalability and data safety, companies choose to place their Microsoft Dynamics systems in the cloud, the Azure platform.

ELVA experts offer two ways of placing your Dynamics resources in the Azure environment:

  • Dedicated placement – that is placement in a dedicated Azure environment where you are the owner and pay according to the “Pay as You Go” principle – paying only for what you use. The ELVA specialists implement monitoring and maintenance on conclusion of a separate agreement
  • Optimised (shared) placement – that is, placement in a shared Azure environment where you share the environment resources with other companies, paying a fixed monthly price for each user. In this case, system maintenance and incident prevention is included in the price, and the ELVA specialists will take care of resource monitoring and maintenance

By placing Microsoft Dynamics within the Azure platform, you will be able to ensure optimal and continuous operation of the application, as well as use IT resources with maximum efficiency, avoid overpaying and continual, wasted investment in local servers.

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IT Resource Monitoring

Companies that want to track their resource availability and productivity indicators frequently use monitoring services that include:

  • Monitoring of both the local IT infrastructure and the IT infrastructure placed in the Microsoft Azure data centre
  • Business logic verification for the ERP system (including Microsoft Dynamics)

During the process of monitoring your resources, the system and the ELVA specialists (as required) will:

  • Verify whether the Azure resources are working with maximum efficiency and economy
  • Tracking whether the resource indicators do not cross the previously defined boundaries of conformity
  • Sending you automated messages if any previously defined indicator exceeds the permitted norm
  • Providing you with recommendations about the changes needed for you to improve your productivity

When using this service, you will be continually informed as to whether your IT infrastructure and the Dynamics system work efficiently and within the permitted boundaries.

Modernization of the IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure plays an essential role in the functioning of any company; therefore it is important to make sure that it corresponds to the changing needs of the company and does not slow down business growth.

IT infrastructure modernisation is performed in order to:

  • Install the latest, supported versions of software (Windows OS, Microsoft SQL)
  • Ensure safe and efficient remote work (Microsoft 365)
  • Perform infrastructure stock-taking and understand compliance with industry safety standards
  • Increase system availability according to industry standards

You can entrust the modernisation of your IT infrastructure to ELVA professionals, who will take stock of the following IT components: virtualisation, MS SQL, disk arrays, networks, creation of a high-availability system, certificates, user management, etc.

By utilising this service, you will make sure that you always work with a modern, safe and constantly updated IT infrastructure with broad capacities.

IT Infrastructure Audit

This service will allow you to understand whether the IT infrastructure of your company is managed safely, efficiently and with minimum costs. During the audit, you will be able to:

  • Make sure that you use safe IT solutions
  • Understand whether you comply with the safety standards of your industry (ISO, PCI DSS, GDPR, VISA PIN Security, etc.)
  • Verify the licenses you have purchased (licence compliance) so as to understand whether they are being used correctly, or whether there exists any unneeded licences or overdue payments on them

The ELVA experts implement the IT audit in various segments:

  • Databases
  • Server management and data storage
  • Workstation management – software distribution, rights management, security update installation, OS version control
  • Computer networks – VLAN, segmentation, perimeter (Firewall)
  • Smart device management

As a result of the IT audit, you will receive an infrastructure diagram and total assessment, as well as a list of system vulnerabilities (for example, servers with software that requires updating, non-secure permitted network protocols, defects in file-sharing or user and password management, etc.) Together with the complete documentation, you will also receive detailed descriptions of problems and solutions.

IT Infrastructure Migration to Microsoft Azure

This service has been chosen by companies that require not just to transfer their IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, but also help in selecting the most appropriate cloud services according to the required capacities and budget.

The experienced ELVA experts can migrate your local (on-premises) infrastructure resources to Microsoft Azure, including:

  • Audit of the existing infrastructure and providing recommendations for the Microsoft Azure environment
  • Creating a proof-of-concept for the Azure environment which will allow you to verify whether the Microsoft Azure environment conforms to your needs
  • Resource creation in the Microsoft Azure environment: virtual machines, networks, databases, data arrays, etc.
  • Infrastructure migration works – i.e., migration of business systems, applications, files and other data

This service allows you to transfer your resources to the Azure platform with guaranteed results!

Creating Backup Copies in the Azure Data Centre

All companies that value the continuity of their business processes and fast data recovery choose to create data backup copies in order to protect their data from irretrievable loss.

ELVA specialists can both connect you to the Azure Backup service and configure the service according to your needs, as well as monitor it during use. File and database backups can be performed both for local (on-premises) infrastructure and for cloud infrastructure.

Backup copies can be performed for:

  • Virtual machines
  • Databases
  • File servers
  • Active folders
  • Various specific applications

This service is particularly relevant for companies that have local IT infrastructure.

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