Service and solution maintenance

Elva Baltic offers implementation and service of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as other special industry solutions.

Every client has the right to expect the attitude from us like he would be the only one and the most important client and thereby we think that it is our responsibility to ensure fast and qualitative service.

Certified specialists

There are more than 50 certified specialists working for Elva Baltic – project managers, programmers, client consultants who have passed certification exams in various fields of competence. There are also special requirements and deep product knowledge defined for the sales personnel.

User training

During the Microsoft Dynamics implementation process employees of the client are trained to work with the system and to use its functionality. Based on the company’s specifics and complexity of business processes in some cases during the first year of the system application client might require regular support of the supplier.

Service principles

System service and support is possible as additional training (or training of new client’s employees) and consulting, as well as expanding of the system functionality. Elva Baltic offers to conclude the system service and support contract to ensure clearly defined responsibilities of the system provider and the client selecting the most suitable payment conditions for the client.

All clients of Elva Baltic are ensured with the highest level service:

  • There is chief service specialist appointed for the client service.
  • Internet service request registration is available for the client.
  • Client service system contains the information of the hours used and this information is updated every Monday at 12:00 for the previous week.
  • Service subscription includes Business program and Economic subscription. It is possible to make a transition from Business program to the Economic subscription and vice versa selecting the required number of hours. When making the transition it is necessary to cover the difference or the remaining amount of money needs to be recalculated pursuant to the new subscription program (if the remaining amount does not cover the selected subscription type in full amount then it is necessary to cover the difference).
  • The planned period for the usage of service hours – 12 months from the date the contract is concluded.