Elva Baltic Vehicle Dealer Management System

Elva Baltic customized module-based solution Vehicle Dealer Management System delivers Car dealers the right business management solution to overcome challenges of balancing manufacturer requirements and providing high quality everyday customer service.

CRM VEHICLE SALES DMS Vehicle Trade management module supports efficiency of everyday operations as well as delivers complete and customizable analysis at any given moment.


Elva Baltic Vehicle Dealer Management system Vehicle Trade management module provides Vehicle traders appropriate solution for operations starting from customer desire aggregation, vehicle acquisition, sales process planning up to vehicle options completing, pre-sales delivery operations and tracking vehicle history. The system in addition to integration with ERP functions includes wide range of transactions:

  • Vehicle classification system (Make code, Model, Model version)
  • Vehicle appraisal, Vehicle technical specification – by VIN decoding, imported or manually entered
  • Vehicle manufacturer and own option management, completing and price calculation, discount assignment
  • Vehicle option history ledger, option multi-language feature
  • Direct planning of own option application in service
  • Sales actions, campaigns and integration with CRM, Vehicle cost prevision – cost calculator, discount restrictions
  • Vehicle order to manufacturer, reservation recordkeeping, Vehicle card creation directly from purchase invoice
  • Security deposit management, prepayment management, transactions with leasing companies and third party bill-to customers
  • Vehicle tracking (in manufacturing, on-the-way, in inventory etc.), Vehicle status (customer car, employee car, car for rental, demo car etc.)
  • Vehicle customer data and payment tracking, history of vehicle owners
  • Vehicle transaction cycle tracking (vehicle can be bought back and sold again several times)
  • Vehicle cost accumulation, obtaining VIN specified Accounting records
  • Vehicle Insurance service and Guarantee tracking,
  • Lost sales management and Trade-in functionality, Fleet deals

Vehicle Trade management lets you deliver superior customer service, plan and track salesperson activities for the maximum efficiency, provide easy access to price lists, customer data, vehicle history, vehicle option assembly details and technical issues.

These and even more expectations you can meet implementing the new Microsoft Dynamics Navision Elva Baltic Vehicle Dealer Management System. Invite us to give you a presentation at a place and time proper for you to find out more information and express your necessities! If you have any questions feel free to contact our Sales Manager Alvils Tabaks (tel.+371 67065115; e-mail: alvist@elva.lv).