Elva Baltic customized module-based solution Vehicle Dealer Management System delivers Car dealers and Vehicle Spare Parts trading companies the right business management solution to overcome challenges of balancing manufacturer requirements and providing high quality everyday customer service.
DMS Spare Parts Management module supports efficiency of everyday operations as well as delivers complete and customizable analysis at any given moment.

Elva Baltic Vehicle Dealer Management system Spare Parts trade management module provides Vehicle dealers and Spare Parts trading companies the appropriate solution for organizing spare parts flow in the inventory, sales and purchases. The system in addition to integration with ERP functions includes wide range of transactions:

  • Vehicle manufacturer original spare parts catalogue and Spare parts supplier catalogue management in Nonstock Items – sales/purchase price and discount management, expanded functionality.
  • Spare parts subgroups and families; Barcodes, reservation functionality
  • Full integration with service management – pre-picking, item ordering, reserving, status tracking
  • Spare parts assignment to vehicle make codes, models and model versions
  • Item replacement (1:1, 1:N, N:1) and Spare parts substitution
  • Spare parts contracts, Guarantee functionality
  • Sales pricing and discounts depending on location and order type (24h delivery/normal delivery etc.), vehicle status, payment method, discount groups etc.
  • Purchase prices discounts depending on order delivery type
  • Specialized Price change implementation management worksheet
  • Vehicle Spare part specialized requisition worksheets – purchase plan creation based on service orders, seasonality, item replenishment policy and other factors. Dead stock analysis
  • Spare parts statistics from sales orders; Lost Sales registering
  • Financial results analysis by product groups, inventory flow (service/spare parts sales) Spare Parts trade management lets you act responsively to customer demands; track and monitor inventory flow as well as get rapid reflection of transactions in financial results.

These and even more expectations you can meet implementing the new Microsoft Dynamics Navision Elva Baltic Vehicle Dealer Management System. Invite us to give you a presentation at a place and time proper for you to find out more information and express your necessities! If you have any questions feel free to contact Sales Manager Alvils Tabaks (tel.+371 67065115; e-mail: