Elva Baltic customized module-based solution Vehicle Dealer Management System delivers Car dealers and Auto Service companies the right business management solution to overcome challenges of balancing manufacturer requirements and providing high quality everyday customer service.
DMS Service Scheduler module supports efficiency of everyday operations as well as delivers complete and customizable analysis at any given moment.

Elva Baltic Vehicle Dealer Management system Service Scheduler module provides Vehicle dealers and Auto Services the appropriate solution for planning, organizing and tracking service operations. The system in addition to integration with ERP functions includes a user-customizable service scheduler with functions:

  • Task and order assigning to mechanics on-line with service orders input
  • Task scheduling from service orders/new service orders from scheduler
  • Setup of Integrated planning matrix by user
  • Resource allocation groups with default setup
  • Resource allocation to working place
  • Service standard events
  • User defined views – by various intervals (hours, days, weeks etc.), resource groups, mechanic/resource including or excluding.
  • Mechanics by current availability, absence planning
  • External service allocation
  • Service job shifting, transferring and delaying
  • Mechanic work registering (recording every day arrival and departures, order beginning based on current time, finishing recording.
  • Statistics of service fill rate, statistics of mechanic efficiency (standard time, actual (real) time, billing time)
  • Suspended allocations management
  • Service labor salary calculation – based on working time for mechanics, based on Service turnover for service administration or other.
  • Service Labor overview Service scheduler lets you deliver superior customer service, plan and track resources for the maximum efficiency, check resource availability on the fly and control the service business either from mechanic computer or CEO office.

These and even more expectations you can meet implementing the new Microsoft Dynamics Navision Elva Baltic Vehicle Dealer Management System. Invite us to give you a presentation at a place and time proper for you to find out more information and express your necessities! If you have any questions feel free to contact our Sales Manager Alvils Tabaks (tel.+371 67065115; e-mail: