Elva Baltic customized module-based solution Vehicle Dealer Management System delivers Car dealers and Auto Service companies the right business management solution to overcome challenges of balancing manufacturer requirements and providing high quality everyday customer service.

DMS Data Exchange module supports efficiency of everyday operations providing access to manufacturer classifications, price lists and any other data in one integra ted system.

Elva Baltic Vehicle Dealer Management system Data Exchange module provides Vehicle dealers and Auto Services the appropriate solution for importing, exporting and organizing any manufacturer provided classifiers or data. The system in addition to integration with ERP functions includes user-customizable data exchange functionality:

  • Item catalogue import
  • Translations import
  • Import and update of new price lists
  • Import and update of item replacement (1:1, 1:N, N:1)
  • Import and update of standard time and vehicle module based work classification
  • Import of vehicle manufacturer option classification and price list
  • Export of purchase orders to suppliers or manufacturer
  • User –defined configuration of new import or export subjects
  • Easy – adaptable to new data formats and manufacturer initiated changes.

Data exchange module helps to improve performance of employees and customer service by reducing time consumed to find relevant information in third party systems, vehicle manufacturer catalogues or latest price lists. Data exchange module provides all data required with quick access and convenient search tools.

These and even more expectations you can meet implementing the new Microsoft Dynamics Navision Elva Baltic Vehicle Dealer Management System. Invite us to give you a presentation at a place and time proper for you to find out more information and express your necessities! If you have any questions feel free to contact our Sales Manager Alvils Tabaks (tel.+371 67065115; e-mail: