Microsoft Power BI – Powerful Analytics for Your Business!

Compiled and visualized data that works for your business and converts numbers into business indicators

Different types of reports one click away

In-depth data analysis for management, manufacturing, marketing, warehousing, marketing and specific industry needs

Interactive and simple visualizations

Impressive “live” charts that help you see business indicators, analyze data by dimensions and go into detail

Real-time business information

Effective business performance and decision-making based on real-time business indicators

Data collected from 100+ sources

Quick and easy access to data from your favorite sources (Microsoft Dynamics, Excel, Google Analytics / Ads, Facebook, IoT, etc.) in one solution

For Whom is Power BI?

For companies of different sizes and industries

For business owners and managers

Analyze significant business indicators for successful decision making

For heads of departments and specialists

Analyze data of sales, marketing, production, HR etc.

For business analysts

Recognized by Garnter as TOP analytics tool for data analysis professionals

What tasks does Power BI data analysis solve?

Consolidate information from different data sources by converting numbers into understandable business metrics

  • reflect the business indicators needed by different dimensions allowing you to go into detail
  • analyze data on finance, sales, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, warehouses, etc., from different sources and regardless of where and how the data is stored
  • consolidate, process, and visualize information about branches and related companies
  • report changes in indicators or deviations from the norm
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