Latvian localization for Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV)

The Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) has been fully localized in accordance with the legislature of the Republic of Latvia, by including functional requirements specific to our country. The localization is available also on previous Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions: NAV 2013, NAV 2015, NAV 2016, NAV 2017 and NAV 2018.

The Dynamics 365 platform supports simple localization of the system in accordance with the requirements of any country as the developers have devised special tools in order to adopt and sell the system in different countries. The standard version of the Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) is being upgraded with solutions and additional functions which help to comply with the Latvian legislature relevant to the fields of accounting, financial reports, and taxes.

The user interface has also been translated into Latvian.

In Latvia, there are approximately 30 local functions included in the Dynamics 365 Business Central system which are required by the Latvian accountants to do their day-to-day job duties and prepare accounts.

The localization is available in two different equipment-packages. Before purchasing Dynamics 365 Business Central, please examine functionality of both packages and choose the most suitable one!

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The functionality of the Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) Latvian localization


Value-added tax (VAT)– an option to record the non-deductible VAT for car-related and representation expenditures. VAT declaration with attachments VAT1, VAT2, and VAT3.

Local banks– maintenance of a list of banks which allows you to fill-in the bank account cards of customers and vendors much faster.

Carriers– maintenance of a carrier catalogue and its further use in the freight-carriage documents.

Numbers of receipts and VAT invoices– definition of different serial numbers and allocation thereof to the sale-documents. Accounting of numbered receipts.

Officials of a company– list of company’s employees with their contact information which may be used in order to identify the persons-in-charge and signatories in different accounts and reports.

Cash registers– preparation of cash register income- and expenditure-orders and printouts from a cash register book in accordance with the legislature of the Republic of Latvia.


Invoice printouts– dispatch note-invoice for goods, invoice, prepayment invoice. An option to adjust the printouts by using the Word.

Document printouts– Advance-payments. Documents for inventory and write-off of stocks. Documents for fixed assets and a list of inventory.

Electronic Declaration System of the State Revenue Service– account export to the Electronic Declaration System of the State Revenue Service.

Additional reports

Set-off– automatic preparation of a set-off and printout of a set-off document.

Posting descriptions– fill-in of setting-based and automatic posting descriptions in documents, as well as an option to include manual posting descriptions in documents.

Online-banking– electronic data exchange with the Latvian online banking systems and electronic payment systems through the FiDaViSta un SEPA format.

Solution for the personal income tax (PIT)– PIT calculation for suppliers-natural persons. Preparation of expenditure statements for natural persons.

History of fixed assets– history of transactions involving fixed assets in terms of a FA location thereof and responsible employees.

Currencies– import of exchange rates from the European Central Bank home page and an option to adjust exchange rates.

Electronic documents– PDF document saving and sending through e-mail.

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