VAT Reporting Localization

Dynamics 365 Business Central Latvian localization app

Is your Accountant tired of manually retyping invoice data from Accounting system into Electronic Declaration System, in order to prepare VAT Statement and VAT Statement Appendixes?

Use the data entered in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to create VAT statement and statement appendixes in compliance with Latvian legislation. Reduce manual data entry so that your VAT statement appendixes could be created automatically!

Features and benefits of using this app

VAT Reporting Localization for Latvia is fully integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central by extending its functionality and tailoring it to meet the requirements of local legislation and local business requirements.

  • Create VAT Statement structure using local specifics
  • Define transaction thresholds for VAT Statement Appendixes
  • Prepare VAT Statement Appendixes
    – VAT 1-1 Local purchase disclosure
    – VAT 1-2 EU purchase disclosure
    – VAT 1-3 Local sale disclosure
    – VAT 2 EU sale disclosure
    – VAT 3 Correction of EU sale disclosure
  • Prepare VAT Statement file export together with VAT Statement Appendixes according to local legislation

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