Latvian Base Localization

Dynamics 365 Business Central Latvian localization app

Owning a business in Latvia? Investing a lot of resources to comply with local standards? Want to ensure smooth processing of business transactions?

Stop wasting your resources! Use the Latvian Base Localization app to get things done quickly and properly! All processes are adapted to legislation and business requirements of the Republic of Latvia.

Features and benefits of using this app

  • Identify yourself, your customer or your vendor by company registration number
  • Maintain a list of transporters with vehicle registration number
  • Use transporters in sales, purchase and transfer documents
  • Create payment orders for commercial banks of Latvia
  • Import and apply currency exchange rates from European Central Bank
  • Import bank statements from commercial banks of Latvia into the system
  • Prepare printouts fully compliant with local legislation requirements
    • Customer and vendor balance reconciliation documents
    • Sales, Purchase and Transfer related documents
    • Fixed Asset related documents
    • Advance holder related documents
    • Statistical reports 1-IB on Incoming External Payments
    • Inventory related documents

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