Riga Airport is the center of Baltic aviation, which calls digitalization of business resource management an important driving force of its development, as it is the basis of every efficient and modern company. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution combines the business process into a unified and more convenient manageable system, but the Power BI makes business data easier to understand.

Challenges and Needs

Processing large amounts of data and automating time-consuming processes

Reduction of manual work and error prevention

Integrating multiple systems for effective process management

The Implemented Solutions

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 increases the speed of current data processing and enables faster decision-making based on easily accessible data and automated processes, and it is the basis for other digitization projects.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) promotes communication with customers, ensuring quality customer service.
  • Microsoft Power BI allows you to easily analyze the execution of the company’s financial budget and offers a wide range of analysis options for various business processes.


  • Centralized financial management

    Dynamics 365 payroll and personnel, invoicing, and warehouse accounting modules help you effectively manage daily processes, accurately collect large volumes of data on airport operational activities, allow you to quickly create invoices and reports, and also provide a solid base for the digitization of other processes.

  • Synchronized processing of large amounts of data

    Dynamics 365 collects data from various systems and provides information about the real situation and all services provided at Riga Airport.

  • Reduction of manual operations

    Dynamics 365 allows you to facilitate daily work with the cash register and warehouse system, systematize salary calculations and automate the drafting of employment agreements.

  • Automation of cash system information circulation

    Previous manual work with large volumes of data has been replaced by synchronized system operation, as a result of which Dynamics 365 provides all necessary data reflection and significantly facilitates the accountant's work.

  • Unlimited data management capability

    Data in the Dynamics 365 system can be easily imported and exported, easily obtained and analyzed in unlimited dimensions.

  • Easier preparation of financial reports

    The necessary information covering various business processes can be obtained in the Dynamics 365 resource management system in an easy-to-understand manner and in a short time.

  • More efficient and accurate work in all structural units of the airport

    Thanks to the functionality of Dynamics 365, it is possible to more efficiently plan employee workloads and areas of responsibility in the company's departments.

  • Centralization and modernization of the warehouse system

    Dynamics 365 makes it easy to track and record working clothes issued to Riga Airport employees.

  • Simplifying e-commerce processes

    Dynamics 365 collects information about all transactions performed, which reach more than a thousand per day.

  • High-quality and fast service for VIP customers in the Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) system

    The customer management solution provides utility accounting, maintains a database of VIP customers and creates invoices for these customers, which are integrated into the Dynamics 365 system, thereby reducing the time of paying invoices and speeding up payment processing.

  • Employees who are well versed in the benefits and use of the Dynamics 365 system on a daily basis

    Dynamics 365 system is evaluated by the airport employees as practical and very accessible to the user, while its operation is facilitated by the Dynamics 365 user manual developed by ELVA and the professionally conducted trainings of ELVA experts.

  • Effective analytics with Power BI

    The used Budget report allows comparison of planned and actual financial data, while the plan for the near future is to create data models for sales indicators, resource utilization, statistics, warehouse accounting, etc. processes that will allow more efficient analysis, more successful control of the budget and a deeper understanding of process dynamics.

Riga Airport reference of cooperation with ELVA

I highly value communication with ELVA employees - ELVA always responded quickly, promptly and knowledgeable to our requests and questions. The implementation of such extensive systems in practice means that ELVA has already spent thousands of hours solving similar issues for other clients. To some extent, this is a big bonus for us - these hours we work together with ELVA are very saturated with competent answers.

Andris Pārups

Financial director of Riga Airport

The largest capital city airport in the Baltics

8 000 000

Passengers per year

18 000

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In 1975, the first plane landed

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