As a multi-faceted company, LIDO has selected the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 software for managing its business. In order to ensure fast, easy-to-use and high-quality salary calculation – which is one of the most complicated expenditure items in the company – LIDO has placed its trust in the solution offered by ELVA. The salary module is easy to use and easy to adapt to the requirements of legislation, and most importantly – the ELVA specialists offer fast and high-quality solutions for non-standard situations.

Challenges and Needs

Fast and simple calculation of work salaries that can easily be adapted to the changing requirements of the law.

Automated payments for personnel and document creation using templates.

Creating easy-to-understand reports that make data easier to understand and allow making decisions faster.

The Implemented Solutions

The Microsoft Dynamics AX salary calculation and personnel accounting solution ensures:

  • Adapted calculation of the resident income tax and the state social insurance compulsory payments for employees working abroad
  • Creation of automated documents (work contracts, orders, etc.) by the system using templates, with the possibility of editing the document if necessary
  • Automated payments to third parties – the solution allows defining the amounts and the frequencies of deductions from salaries that are transferred to third parties (debt recovery, alimony, and other cases)
  • Report forms that are adapted to the company needs and are easy to use
  • Importing adapted electronic payroll tax books and sick leave sheets from the State Revenue Service electronic declaration system


  • Easy data management

    The possibility of viewing and processing all data in the Microsoft Excel software significantly saves time and facilitates the salary data analysis.

  • Information traceability

    The solution logic ensures information traceability that allows the user to identify and independently eliminate any possible errors.

  • Adaptability

    The salary accounting solution developed by ELVA is very flexible and adaptable to the company salary accounting specifics and needs.

  • Automated processes

    The solution allows automatically importing work hour record keeping tables, thereby saving time and preventing possible errors in data processing.

  • Data in different cross-sections

    The salary data is available in different cross-sections, allowing the company to obtain very detailed information.

LIDO reference of cooperation with ELVA

The implementation of this solution is an investment in our future, because, with changes to the company and to the legislation, this solution will certainly be adaptable to our needs.

Igors Trofimenko

Head of the personnel administrative processes at LIDO

The salary accounting solution developed by ELVA is a very easy-to-use and reliable tool. It offers a sense of confidence and security in everyday work.

Marika Purvišķe

The senior accountant at LIDO

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The customers eat approximately 1 million meatballs and more than 1 million kg of potatoes every year.


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