Latvijas Pasts ensures the widest availability of postal services throughout the territory of Latvia, maintaining more than 600 postal service delivery points. The main function of the company is the provision of universal postal service, in addition to providing commercial transport, express mail, payment, press, parcel, retail and philatelic services. Latvijas Pasts is a fully state-owned company with around 3,200 employees.

Challenges and Needs

Improving the quality of services thanks to a clear vision of the ongoing processes

Access to reports online, which facilitates the flow of information and makes the work process more dynamic

Timely prevention of deviations from the norm and spotting errors

The Implemented Solutions


  • Microsoft’s analytics solution Power BI processes millions of data records quickly and allows you to immediately obtain the necessary and current information in the form of reports tailored to the company.


  • Processing large amounts of data in a short time

    Latvijas Pasts receives and processes tens of thousands of parcels every day - during the year their number reaches several tens of millions of items. So that everything works correctly in the system and shipments are not delayed, it is very important not to allow even the smallest deviations from the norm. The Power BI solution helps you find and fix errors in time, allowing processes to continue and preventing service quality degradation. Power BI analysis reports and created reports facilitate daily work and access to necessary information takes place in just a few minutes, which is much faster than it was before using Excel - finding the necessary information took much longer and most importantly - its capacity did not allow processing millions of data records. In previous experience, one could only guess about the causes and regularities of the process, currently the Quality department of Latvijas Pasts is able to process a large amount of information, even finding a "needle in a haystack".

  • Dynamic exchange of information thanks to cloud services

    Each Power BI user in the company uses the information available in the system as needed for their work. The system is available in a digital environment and the information contained in it is easy to share in the form of reports, without consuming special resources related to data storage or transmission. The company's previous experience was related to various documents in CSV or Excel format that were accumulated and stored until the moment when the large amount of data made it felt that the possibilities of accumulation are not endless, and a modern solution is needed to speed up the process and serve the company's goals.

  • A single platform for information from multiple systems

    Latvijas Pasts uses Power BI as a platform that collects information from more than 5 different systems, including press delivery, shipment processing and ERP system. This option makes it easy to make conclusions on the data accumulated in complex systems, to eliminate unwanted and make foresight and data based decisions in a short time.

  • Convenient and quick processing of information on a single platform facilitates international cooperation

    The International department of Latvijas Pasts needs a continuous analysis of the flow of incoming and outgoing shipments. Power BI provides detailed information about shipment process and execution speed. The obtained information is easy to share with cooperation partners and there is no need for long-term work on Excel sheets, editing, preparing, and transferring information to different recipients.

  • More reasonable decisions based on real facts and data

    Fast data processing allows more informed and data-driven decisions to be made in a timely manner. Power BI is like a translator between different reports of different partners - the system provides a unified information platform where you can view the information of interest.

  • Effective financial analytics for effective decision making

    In the words of Dace Vosveniece, business analyst of the Financial analysis and planning department of Latvijas Pasts - "data is the company's gold" or the central element in the work of the financial department. Digitisation and data processing process provides much greater opportunities to receive and see data in a timely manner, to make forecasts, to inform management, to plan and evaluate projects, and to collect information relevant to different departments about different processes in different time cuts.

  • Increasing competitiveness

    "Information and reaction speed are the most important things for competitiveness," says Karlis Udrass, head of the Quality management department of Latvijas Pasts. Power BI has been able to combine them both, processing millions of data records in a short time and providing timely objective data reviews and reports to improve internal processes.

  • Many different reports to use on a daily basis to evaluate and improve company processes

    Power BI from data creates an understandable report that "translates" information so that it can be better understood and used immediately. With the help of Power BI, Latvijas Pasts evaluates the processes related to the delivery time of parcels, processing, inaccurately delivered parcels, their flow, as well as information related to operational and financial indicators. The creation of reports is flexible – the Power BI solution and ELVA experts help implement all ideas of Latvijas Pasts, which create a comprehensive and detailed picture of complex processes, as well as answer all the company's questions.

  • Effective team communication and improved information sharing

    By using Power BI in their daily work, the department team feels much more empowered to eliminate the unwanted and improve the processes under their control. The analytics solution gives employees the opportunity to communicate in a unified environment, with a unified understanding of the data, eliminating disagreements about the correctness of the data. In total, about 50 employees of Latvijas Pasts from different departments use Power BI.

  • An understandable analytics system that makes work easier

    Power BI is a Microsoft solution designed for intuitive use and provides the ability to visualize quickly processed information at the discretion of the user, so that it is easy to perceive, evaluate and present. Since January 1, 2023, Latvijas Pasts has been using the latest version of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance/Supply Chain Management (formerly known as Axapta) solution, which, like the Power BI solution, was implemented by the ELVA expert team for daily financial and supply flow management. The implementation of these business resource management systems will allow to use Power BI capabilities in an even more advanced way, making the work of the finance department easier.

Latvijas Pasts reference of Microsoft Power BI and cooperation with ELVA

Cooperation with ELVA turned out to be really good and productive. Although I initially tried to learn this Power BI tool myself, and I really learned it quickly, I also realized that the amount of data we have to work with and the result we want to get requires the help of professionals and experts, and I found this help in ELVA. Would I recommend using ELVA's help to other companies? Yes, of course, and I think it would be necessary mainly for companies that work with large amounts of data. Speed is what matters these days, and when we turn to the experts, we get speed.

Kārlis Udrass

Head of the Quality management department at Latvijas Pasts

> 600

Locations of postal services throughout Latvia

Provides mail delivery worldwide



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Shipments per day


Created shortly after the restoration of Latvia's independence

The mission is to be the closest assistant to customers in their daily activities

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