The wholesale company for electrical goods, telecommunications and security system material ESELO (previously SLO Latvia) had previously worked with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0. When assessing the advantages and benefits of the new Dynamics software the company decided to transition to the latest Microsoft Dynamics NAV version (currently Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central), choosing to use a modern IT project management method (Scrum/Agile) for system implementation, and the Azure platform for hosting.

The Implemented Solutions

By implementing the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Dynamics 365 Business Central), the company achieved the following specially adapted functional solutions:

A warehouse management scanner/scanning application that enables quick, precise and efficient placing goods in the warehouse and facilitates their delivery by assigning an ‘address‘ to each product.

A ‘non-conformity’ management solution that uses a register of defective goods and non-conformities to track exactly when and from where the defective product originates and identify the product supplier.

A web solution enabling the interconnection of the internet shop with Microsoft Dynamics, ensuring data synchronisation, information about product remainders, and orders, etc.

A procurement and handling planning solution that requires just a single click to calculate the products required for specific warehouses, ensuring the minimum remainder quantities.

A product certificate registration solution that automatically generates a corresponding accompanying document package for each product, thereby optimising work processes and saving time.

A cable cutting modification solution that assigns unique numbers to cable pieces, ensuring their identification and tracking. It is also possible to register the fee for cable cutting and then issue invoices to the customer.

Challenges and Requirements

  • To improve the efficiency of warehouse management processes according to the specific needs of the company

  • To adapt the procurement and handling planning solution to the needs of the company

  • To independently import the required data and to represent it by using the Power BI solution

  • To achieve comprehensive control of the logistics processes and the calculation of delivery profits/losses



  • Simple data processing

    The employees can independently and without separate training import, filter and obtain the required data and reports according to the necessary data cross-sections. Work has therefore become simpler, faster and more enjoyable.

  • Remote access to data

    The company sales specialists praise the browser solution as being much easier to use and having been developed with the goal of controlling all processes remotely. Moreover, no additional financial investments where required.

  • Secure adaptability and connectivity

    The previously differentiated information flow in the company now has become flexible and integrated with both suppliers and customers. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV system can be adapted and easily connected with other solutions, and ensures the required information exchange between different platforms.

ESELO testimonies about Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics opens up broad possibilities for our future digital. The system is technologically powerful and innovative. An excellent foundation to be able to keep pace.

Valērijs Bariševs


Microsoft Dynamics is like a universal, modifiable Swiss army knife. If you know what you need, the system can help to make the company processes much more efficient. The platform is highly universal and can be integrated with a variety of other external solutions.

Māris Renigers

Head of the Web department at ESELO

€18.3 million

Turnover in 2020

~ 240

Trusted suppliers

24 000

Products in the online store

21 years

of successful experience in the field

Provides lighting equipment for the Southern Bridge (Dienvidu tilts)

Provided lighting to the SĀGA centre, LIDL logistics centre and shops

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