The deposit system in Latvia is managed by DIO (Depozīta Iepakojuma Operators) uniting both local and Baltic leading beverage producers and retailers. The deposit system is a practical step on the way to a cleaner Latvia, and it helps to direct the activities of beverage producers, sellers and society in a climate-friendly direction, simultaneously providing an opportunity to fully manage the beverage packaging most often found in nature.

Challenges and Needs

A unique ERP system for accounting of the full path of packaging

Deposit portal for effective information exchange with partners

An analytics solution allowing to follow the company’s processes

The Implemented Solutions

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously known as Navision) with a custom app for management of deposit system processes.

  • Deposit portal for effective information exchange, registration of packaging and submission of reports interacts with Business Central.

  • Microsoft analytics solution Power BI quickly processing millions of data records and allowing to immediately obtain the necessary and current information in form of reports tailored to the company.


  • Data accounting system Business Central as the blood circulation of the Deposit system

    ELVA experts, in close cooperation with DIO, adapted the Microsoft ERP or business resource management system Business Central directly for DIO project management. The existing system can find answers to all questions related to the deposit system. Detailed current information flowing from tare points, counting equipment, scanners and deposit portal is collected on a single platform. The central element of the system is the packaging card, which contains detailed information about the type, weight, volume and category of the packaging – after reading the barcode, this information is reflected in the accounting system, and then a respective invoice is issued.

  • Automation of various processes

    Manual work often delays the development of the project, therefore the operation of the Deposit system is based on automation. Barcode reading, regular collection and updating of information, as well as preparation of invoices and reports are automated. Initially, the registration process took place in an Excel document, but it required attraction of manual labour. The created portal automated the process – currently, the data flows in the system and is updated regularly.

  • Easy-to-use standard functionality of Business Central

    The company uses the opportunities provided by Business Central for effective management of business processes, such as payroll and personnel, warehouse, and financial management, as well as the system monitors and manages processes related to production.

  • ELVA experts created a unique Deposit portal connected to the Business Central system

    In a short time, a customized Deposit portal was created, which is an information flow platform for the parties involved in the deposit system – sellers and manufacturers. In simple words, this portal organizes a barcode register. It is used both by sellers using tare points and by tare manufacturers who record barcodes and submit sales reports. Sellers can promptly order materials for tare storage using the portal. The deposit portal links the information provided by both parties and reflects it in the Business Central system, allowing to keep track of applications, sales data, paid membership fees and transportation materials.

  • Opportunity to work with a large amount of data using Power BI

    The analytics solution collects extensive information about the packaging circulation, which is processed by the data accounting solution Business Central, for example: what packaging is placed on the market, what packaging is returned, how much of material is received and where, what is the composition of the packaging, how much is the pay-out and deposit. The total information is about a million lines of records, and it would be impossible to work with such a large amount of data in an Excel document. Power BI clearly and conveniently shortens the information path from the Deposit accounting system to Business Central, allowing to promptly evaluate the situation. The company actively uses sales reports allowing for a consolidated and quick evaluation of each unit, as well as analysis, evaluation of statistics on habits in different regions of Latvia and obtaining the facts of interest for the public. The obtained information improves communication and facilitates logistics.

  • Created IT solutions have helped achieve the evaluation of the most modern deposit system in Europe

    In 2022, the international platform Reloop recognized Latvian deposit system the best deposit return system in Europe
    ( The high rating is mainly due to the idea of refillable packaging. The latest version of the Business Central system providing all necessary processes related to the accurate management of tare flow and the warehouse was required to perform such tare inventory.

  • Successful cooperation with ELVA specialists

    Industry professionals are familiar with the order of things and are able to explain the operation of the system comprehensibly, as well as goo deep into every detail related to the processes of the deposit system. The implemented solutions are in constant development – ideas and needs are quickly collected and implemented in a short time in the specific functionality of the accounting system.

DIO reference of cooperation with ELVA

The deposit system differs from other waste management systems in that every packaging unit is accounted for – from the moment it is put on the market to the moment it is returned. Therefore, we know exactly how many product units have been put on the market and in what time frame they come back. All stages of the system are accounted for. In order to provide for such accounting, that is, over 450 million packaging units in Latvia within a year, a powerful IT system is necessary. ELVA Baltic, as an IT partner, provided us with the implementation of our central system, or deposit packaging and resource register system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. In our opinion, Elva Baltic proved itself as a reliable cooperation partner and a certified implementer of the Microsoft ERP system Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Miks Stūrītis

Chair of the Board of DIO


Receiving points throughout Latvia

> 230 million

Returned packages in the deposit system


Deposit packages already returned in the deposit system in the first year of operation

1.5 million

Bottles processed daily


Latvian residents use the deposit system in their households

12th country in Europe to implement the deposit system and receive an international recognition

Solutions used by the company