After combining three different organisations into a new company, one of the leading Latvian manufacturers of furniture, Daiļrade Koks, still needed to ensure the continuing analysis of data for the different departments. Therefore, a decision was made to implement a new and modern business management solution that would satisfy all of the requirements of such a large exporting company.

Challenges and Needs

Creating consistent management and registration mechanisms across all of the company’s departments.

Unifying the data to enable comparisons between the company’s different production plants and departments.

Ensuring faster data circulation and immediate notification of management regarding production results.

The Implemented Solutions

Taking into account the new company structure, a unified business management system Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) was implemented, allowing the firm to manage different business processes within a single platform, and providing the following enhancements:

  • Tracking the manufactured and sold goods online, as well as monitoring prime costs for the entire production and sales cycle
  • Assortment management and complete information about the product in a single location; both as a picture, a drawing, alist of prime materials, manufacturing and installation instructions, etc.
  • The possibility of registering the same product in the system with different prime costs and differentiate the sales price according to the production plant, since the product code is unified for the entire company


    • Data analysis

      Quickly available information that the company management needs to allow and enable the planning of further growth.

    • Sales planning

      The capability of quickly optimising the warehouse turnover and cash flows, as well as planning works and sales several weeks in advance.

    • Time-saving

      Automated processes that reduce the amount of manual work, the percentage of errors, and the time required for process implementation.

    • Comparable data

      Easy-to-understand and comparable data (including in relation to costs and income) for the different company departments.

    • Economy of time

      Data exchange between Excel and Microsoft Dynamics AX using the Atlas4Dynamics solution significantly facilitates work and saves time both for data analysis and preparing reports.

    Daiļrade Koks reference of cooperation with ELVA

    Microsoft Dynamics AX is an excellent tool that has been created on the basis of the best experience from companies in different countries. It puts everything in order, provides an enormous base of solutions and broad possibilities that you will never find in an in-house developed company solution. The global Microsoft experience provides us with the answers we need now, and growth possibilities for the future.

    Ints Petrovics

    Sales Director at Daiļrade Koks

    € 25.4 million

    Turnover in 2020

    More than 650 employees

    5 production plants in Latvia - in Vaiņode, Tukums, Viļaka and Valmiera


    of the products are exported

    Export to 17 countries: Denmark, Germany, Sweden, USA, the Czech Republic, etc.

    The company prepared the furniture for the Latvian National Library

    Solutions used by the company