For several years the company Cesvaines Piens has used the data visualisation and analytics tool QlikView to ensure continual monitoring of various essential company data. But the tool was not sufficiently intuitive in operation, and the data selection was too complicated.

In order to be able to compete and grow, the company management decided to completely abandon the previous solution and implement a new and modern data analysis and visualisation tool - Microsoft Power BI so they could enable powerful analysis of data obtained from almost any app or device.

Challenges and Needs

To automate report generation, reducing manual labour as much as possible

To receive updated information to compare the planned and actual situation

To adapt data selection and visualisation to the company’s needs

The Implemented Solutions

The Microsoft Power BI analytics tool was selected as the most suited solution. After its implementation, essential sales data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV was automatically exported to Power BI, providing the latest data in real-time, in any location and from any device connected to the internet.


  • Fast reaction and mobility

    Daily work can be performed, and decisions promptly made, regardless of one's location.

  • Easy and secure data selection and visualisation

    It has become easier to work with essential company indicators and visualise data in an easy-to-understand manner, using adapted data visualisation. It is now also possible to define different data access levels so that each Power BI user would only see the information they need.
    The most frequently used Power BI report - planned sales volumes versus implementation
    The favourite Power BI functionality - accessing data in your phone without creating manual reports

Cesvaines Piens reference of cooperation with ELVA

Power BI is an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use and comprehensive way of visualising data. The tool is straightforward to adapt and allows visualising and compiling data in different ways according to your needs, allowing you to concentrate on identifying problems and making rapid decisions.

Agris Skvarnovičs

Executive director of Cesvaines Piens

€13.5 million

turnover in 2019

BIO product manufacturer


years of experience

Leading producer of cheese slices in Latvia

One of the largest employers in the region

Exporting to more than 15 countries around the world

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