The largest manufacturer of eggs and egg products and in Northern Europe had to ensure the tracking of the entire production chain, starting from the prime materials and ending with the final product, in order to satisfy international certification requirements (BRC Food, HAACP and ISO). Additionally, the largest European food retail chains defined further requirements for tracing stock and ensuring compliance with quality standards. To satisfy these requirements, the company management decided that they needed detailed data registration and centralised databases.

Challenges and Needs

Complete tracking of the production chain, detailed registration of the data related to prime materials, production and sales deadlines, number of supplied products, etc.

Data precision and transparency in a unified registration mechanism for all departments and transition from manual records and recorded to automated information input.

Real-time data as regards warehouse stock, the movement and circulation of goods, to ensure rapid management action if required, and the successful planning of sales processes.

Real-time statistics and reports about the company’s activity indicators, including manufacturing processes, to enable rational decision-making.

Reduce the human factor, minimising the possible number of errors in manual operations.

Salary and personnel registration for precise salary calculations and transparent employee management.

The Implemented Solutions

By implementing the Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) business management system, the company obtained the following specially adapted solutions:

  • An application for registering batches and specific batch quality indicators

  • A bar code scanner solution for importing and various data points and enabling the reading of data online

  • Automated data entry into the system


  • Speed of information exchange

    - centralised, ordered and clearly organised database
    - rapid information exchange between employees
    - significant economy of time and work productivity

  • Full tracking of the production chain

    - detailed information about the products in the warehouse
    - fast and precise movement of goods and stock circulation
    - monitoring the stock in real-time

  • Carefully weighed business decisions

    - real-time reports about the company’s activity indicators
    - capacity to rapidly assess the existing situation and details
    - fast reactions to well-reasoned decision making

Balticovo reference of cooperation with ELVA

Comparing work before and after implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX is like comparing improvisational theatre with classical theatre. In both cases, the topic or the goals and tasks of the company are clear, but only classical theatre or Microsoft Dynamics AX have a set script and texts according to which all the players' act. There only can be order when everyone performs according to a single script.

Kaspars Rade

Head of production planning of Balticovo from 2014 to 2018

produces 2 million eggs per day



€150.91 million

turnover in 2019

5 branches

Production plants in Iecava, Madona, Daugavpils, Vilce. Grain processing complex in Bene.


of the products are exported

HACCP, ISO and BRC Food A category certificates

Solutions used by the company