Smarter solutions motivate you to get results faster. I am pleased with ELVA's ability to evaluate the initiative and the support provided in my professional development.

Uldis Iljins


If you are looking for

A career that provide opportunities for growth and a company with a friendly internal culture in order to work in the dynamic world of technologies. Work in an enthusiastic team, which has a good sense of humor and which looks for smarter solutions and creates them every day. Work in an environment that supports growth and change. Then keep reading…


What we are looking for

A Programmer, who would be a part of our team in Latvia.

What you will get

  • An accessible and responsive line manager
  • Free choice – to work at the office or from anywhere else in the world
  • Health insurance
  • Wide range of opportunities for growth and development
  • Company management that is accessible to anyone
  • Friendly and supportive colleagues
  • Cosy office space
  • Free parking (next to the office)
  • Entertainment and leisure activities with colleagues
  • Salary from 1,600 to 2,600 euros (gross)

Who are we

ELVA is the leading IT solutions and consulting company. We – the ELVA team – have a purposeful drive towards results and success. We discard the unnecessary and focus on what really matters to achieve better results and implement smarter solutions. We provide individually adaptable and ready-made IT solutions, which can help both put in order business processes and IT environment and provide managers and employees with everything they need for higher productivity of software.

Why choose ELVA

  • Supportive and cohesive team
  • Openness to new ideas
  • Trust and autonomy
  • Interesting and creative everyday work
  • Environment for your growth
  • Loyalty for long-term cooperation

What we do

  • We maintain and improve modern business process automation solutions by participating in implementation and / or service projects both in Latvia and elsewhere in the world
  • We like to program solutions on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and have daily knowledge of the Microsoft SQL database management system
  • We analyze the client’s business processes with interest and enthusiasm and create a solution architecture
  • We are happy to be able to work independently and come up with creative and practical solutions

Please send your CV to e-mail: If your CV for the vacancy will convince us, we will contact you!