Success stories

Our standard is our clients. If they are satisfied then we know that we are working in the right direction. The concept of our company is to contribute to the growth of our clients as well as to support business in Latvia as such. This is a reason why we have to keep moving. Competent clients do not let to rest on our laurels but to continue increasing the service level and qualification of our employees.

Project performance is highly depending on certain employees whose human qualities and ability to communicate is very important. Even though our work is related to high technology it still have to serve for certain reason. And using a chance we would like to thank all our clients whose responsiveness has contributed in reaching the goal they have aimed for.

We are glad to have clients that are important for economics of Latvia.

is well known transportation company that performs passenger traffic not only in Latvia but also abroad as well fulfills orders of services. The main asset of the Microsoft Dynamics for Nordeka is automatic system for Payroll calculation. Payroll calculation in this industry is very specific and complicated but solved by Microsoft Dynamics.

rixRiga airport
operating parameters need to be precise, fast and exact. These requirements have high expectancy from the software. Our specialists have invested their knowledge in special solutions for gradual writing off of assets of little value, issuing invoices for airport services as well as preparation of agreements with airline companies.

Elvi Grupa is a retail brand. Due to the recognition and good reputation it is being used as franchise in more than 168 stores around the country. Microsoft Dynamics NAV together with special retail solution made by Elva Baltic is essential to create and maintain this complicated structure. It has been a challenge for professionalism of Elva Baltic specialists due to the amount of data and store chain complexity.

Insurance company BALTA AS is an insurance company with several year experience in Latvian market. It has become one of the most popular in the insurance industry in the country. The duty of insurance company is to attain client trust, good reputation and honest work. To reach this goal it is not enough to have qualified and polite employees as amount of information, data confidentiality and processing accuracy demands for up-to-date technology. Looking for the right solution JSC Balta has chosen in favor of Navision that has been proved in practice.

Spilva (Orkla Foods Latvija) is fruit and vegetable processing company that is also well known out side the borders of Latvia for it’s constant high quality products. This client represents our manufacturing area and demands high requirements not only for quality of their own products but also for collaboration partners. Solution developed by Elva Baltic specialists has been successful to manage all nuances of data analysis of manufacturing processes.

Gambling business and work of Olympic Casino is quiet specific and needs to give clear overview of processes, calculate specific taxes and create reports that is possible when using a specially designed solution adjusted for inventory accountancy, registration of fixed assets, displacement of fixed assets, creation of specially designed reports etc.

Balticovo AS – one of the biggest egg and egg product producer in Baltic states. Company has successfully managed transfer to Microsoft Dynamics AX. Our specialists have developed a special logistics module as well as module for calculation of cost price of produced products.

deloitteDeloitte&Touch is an international audit company. It is a company with high demands to maintain image and reputation. It results in necessity of high level services of software. Deloitte&Touch has chosen Elva Baltic as its partner to create solution for wages that correspond to accounting standards and legislation of Republic of Latvia.

SLO LATVIA SIA is one of the biggest electrical and telecommunication material wholesaler in Latvia. The reason to implement Microsoft Dynamics was to automate sale processes and improve information analysis. Standard functionality of the Navision was extended by performing calculation of residual values of the cut cables. In everyday work company uses possibilities provided by Customer Relationship Management module.