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Safety and reliability

Safety is one of the most important considerations for implementation of any new technology or system. How will it work and what will be the return? Can one safely rely on the chosen partner, entrusted with the administration of the system?

Much in this life you can buy for money, but you can never buy trust. Trust does not born of itself, it should be earned. Customer confidence in our work is paramount, that is why we always talk openly, and advise each new client to check the worth of our promises. The basis of confidence in our business is the work based on knowledge, experience and integrity.

In the field of information technology the tip of iceberg is negligible, while the decisive centre of gravity is not so easy to see – high-quality technology training, business experience, financial knowledge. Choosing an IT partner it is very important to assess directly this capacity.
Especially, because the system is an investment project, the success of which depends on the competence of partner.

Janis Dambergs
Chairman of the Board

Development and clarity

Work in IT sphere is a real joy for me, because it is an opportunity to improve our business environment and to bring the vision of the future into present day. We manage technologies that help the entrepreneurs develop their business faster and become leaders in their field.

New opportunities can be better seen by those who clearly imagine the ongoing – it is a cornerstone for strategic decisions at the enterprise. More often, we go into a blind alley, not noticing the time or not taking into account the signs, which point to it. Good software for business and finance management is indispensable today to the business strategy based on the analysis of facts and design of the business’s future.

Experience in the IT sphere has given me the confidence that the correct use of informational technologies is one of the most important conditions for the growth of a company. The winners are all innovative companies that follow the development of technologies and are not afraid to use new solutions for their benefit. Your profit is the best proof that you are acting correctly.

Alvils Tabaks
International Sales Manager


Changes are the guidelines of our life. They make more colourful daily monotonous stream, which sometimes begins to pall.  When it comes time to change something, we can buy a new bag, shoes, a car or to go for a trip. It is a proven solution in our private life.

The most significant changes are usually needed at our workplace,  when we feel how slowly starts to bore piles of paper documents, how it is difficult to track the number of fragmented systems of accounting… this time the journey, most probably, will not help.

Here begins our field of work – together with you to evaluate and take responsibility for the best solution in the choice of system of financial accounting and business management . We know that it is a change in your normal work routine, but let’s remember the ever- topical – “Persistence is always fickle”!

That is the choice of changes which more often is a driving force that pushes ahead and does not allow fossilize. Choice – exist. In the beginning slowly, step by step arranging financial accounting, warehouse management and internal circulation of information. Don’t be afraid, trust the changes!

Anda Kalnina
Project manager